4 Tips for choosing the right bra

Just as the right clothes can help you look and feel your best, the right bra should do the same! If you find that your bra is uncomfortable, loose, too tight, or doesn't fit properly, chances are you're not choosing the right bra to better suit your breast type. How to choose the perfect bra for you?

一. Choose underwear according to comfort
The most important thing for comfortable underwear is no pressure, no burden, no strangulation, no running cups, and a strong sense of covering.

二. Choose underwear according to the material
1. Natural fabrics (pure cotton underwear is comfortable to wear, but because it is not very elastic, it is easy to wash and deform. This kind of fabric is more suitable for girls who "focus on comfort and breathability".)
2. Chemical fiber fabrics (chemical fiber fabrics solve the disadvantage of being easily deformed and have more patterns than cotton fabrics, but the air permeability and skin-friendly properties will be worse. This kind of fabric is more suitable for girls who "pursue cost performance and hope to prolong the service life of underwear". Like a piece of This type of seamless underwear is basically made of chemical fiber fabric.)
3. Mixed fabrics (There are also many black technology brands that combine chemical fiber fabrics with natural fabrics and use them on underwear. For example, "the inner is cotton fabric, and the outer is elastic chemical fiber fabric", which looks good while ensuring comfort)
4. Lace fabric (the main raw materials of lace are nylon, polyester, cotton and rayon. Its comfort is very high, and the production process of lace fabric is now strengthened, and the hand feel is getting softer and softer. It is very comfortable to wear next to the body, and it can also have a slightly Transparent and charming visual effect. If the lower circumference of lace underwear is also lace, the supporting force will be relatively poor, and the help of the steel ring is needed.)
5. Nylon fabric (Nylon underwear has strong supporting force, so many underwears without rims are made of this material, which naturally improves comfort, and there will be no strangle marks and red marks when worn for a long time, suitable for people who like freedom Women with a sense of wear. Nylon is smooth to the touch, and it is also very docile when it touches the skin, and it is not easy to deform.)

三. Choose underwear according to the shape of the cup
1, 3/4 cup is a relatively common cup shape, and it is also suitable for most breast shapes.
2. 1/2 cup underwear, also known as a half cup, its cup shape is a semicircle, its wrapping force on the chest is relatively weak, and 1/2 of the breast is exposed outside. They have a cup fit that runs parallel to the bottom of the foot and most have detachable shoulder straps.
3. Full-cup underwear, as the name suggests, is to wrap the entire chest. It is mainly functional underwear, which has a very obvious effect on stabilizing and gathering the chest. Wearing it can immediately enhance the chest. Tuck away excess fat on both sides.

四. Choose according to the function of the underwear
1. Breast shape adjustment function (the main function is to adjust your chest shape, so that the chest can show the most beautiful state, and you can get a perfect chest shape by wearing it for a long time)
2. The function of receiving auxiliary breasts (some women's breasts are more enlarged, so they need underwear that can concentrate more effectively)
3. Sweat-absorbing and moisture-wicking function (this kind of underwear is usually made of special quick-drying material, which is not suitable for daily wear, but suitable for sports and fitness occasions)