5 tips to match a cashmere sweater

A good cashmere sweater is a partner that every wardrobe needs. It’s versatile and reliable and can be styled in a multitude of ways to create different looks for different occasions. Dress your cashmere sweater to suit your mood and have fun creating new looks with existing favorite items. 

To help you get the most out of your cashmere, here are our tips on how to style a cashmere sweater:

1. Beige round neck/high neck cashmere sweater + skirt + boots

In the autumn temperature, it is most suitable to wear cashmere alone, which is as close to the skin as water, warm and soft. Choose a thin cashmere sweater with a round neck or half-high collar, and match it with a neatly cut skirt to perfectly interpret the image of an elegant and intellectual woman. The beige cashmere sweater matches the skin tone very well, making the skin look softer, brighter and more moist. Beige and apricot have always been the favorite colors of white-collar women, low-key and restrained, calm and elegant.

2. T-shirt + cardigan cashmere sweater + trousers + flat shoes

If you like bright cashmere sweaters, you can choose a cardigan style, which is classic and easy to match. It is matched with a white T-shirt inside, which is soft and comfortable, and paired with a pair of solid-color trousers, which is attractive and full of vitality. In terms of color, it is recommended to choose stable and warm tones, and Jizaojia's new sweater is a good choice. The colors in the picture are very beautiful, atmospheric and eye-catching!

3. Long cashmere sweater + flat shoes/short boots

If you want to be simple and neat and modify your figure, then a long cashmere sweater is the best choice. Long cashmere sweaters can modify your figure to the greatest extent. Whether you have fat on your waist or thick thighs, a long cashmere sweater can help you shape your figure instantly. In terms of color, it is recommended to choose coffee color, gray, beige, etc. These colors are more durable and will never be out of date. When it's cold in winter, you can wear it with a coat and down jacket to keep you warm and stylish.

4. Short cashmere sweater + jeans + flat shoes

We all know that jeans are a versatile item that never goes out of style. It is also a popular element that will never fade in the fashion circle. Fashion designers use denim elements to create enduring classic myths. Cashmere sweaters and jeans are a pair of natural perfect cp, the softness of cashmere sweaters reveals the fashion of jeans, giving people a sense of capable and relaxed fashion.

5. Cashmere sweater + windbreaker/coat + flat shoes

A cashmere sweater with a windbreaker or coat is the most common collocation, and it is also the one that can't go wrong. Celebrity airport styles often appear in this kind of outfit, which is atmospheric and fashionable, and it is full of aura across the screen. What you need to pay attention to in this kind of outfit is to choose a cashmere sweater that suits your skin tone and figure, and try to choose gray, beige and other versatile colors for your coat.

As a basic item in autumn and winter, cashmere sweaters are very fashionable and generous to wear and have a good warmth retention effect. Lightweight and breathable, it is also very friendly to fat girls. However, when wearing it, try to choose a jacket with a smooth lining, and at the same time reduce friction with hard objects, otherwise, it will affect the overall wearing experience. In daily wear, avoid wearing a cashmere sweater repeatedly, which will destroy the elasticity of natural fibers.