6 Best Silk Scrunchies To Protect Your Hair.

The easiest (and comfiest) addition to any outfit or hairstyle, scrunchies in every size, style, and material have found their way back into beauty routines. The accessory reclaimed its trending status with multiple red carpet appearances and endless styling possibilities.

Silk scrunchie is equally as beneficial as it is fashionable. The typical makeup of the product is gentler on your hair than the common elastic hair tie that can harm hair, tugging on it and causing damage or breakage to strands. Especially with the summer temps heating up, you might be trying to keep your locks away from your neck and face to feel cool, so you should definitely style it up with any of these cute silk accessories. From bold, printed ones to neutral ones, there's a style below for everyone. Fix up a gorge updo for yourself with any of these 8 stylish silk hair scrunchies this season.

19 Momme Fashionable Silk Hair Scrunchie

Mulberry silk is more refined than normal silk—i.e., as far as the material goes, it's the absolute best kind. This pale blue scrunchie would look so cute with a white tee and cutoffs. 

Skinny Silk Scrunchie For Women

Selected 100% 6A grade mulberry silk, simple and fashionable. The fabric is silky and gentle, which reduces static damage to the hair, and the elasticity is suitable.

Silk Scrunchies Pleated Intestine Hairband

Slip is known for its silk products, like pillowcases, eye masks, and, yes, scrunchies. You can't go wrong with this Pleated Intestine Hairband that'll stand the test of time. 


19 Momme New Silk Hair Scrunchies

If you want your scrunchie to stand out a little more, try this 19 momme hair scrunchies in different colors.

Silk Scrunchie Christmas Gift Style

Real Silk Life has some pretty amazing haircare products, but its silk scrunchies are just as good. Just look at this Christmas Gift Style!

Silk Scrunchie Heavyweight Luxury Style

If you like blending your accessories in with your hair color, this style has a bunch of colors, you could choose one to balance out the spectrum.