7 beauty benefits that silk pillowcases can bring you!

1. Reduce facial wrinkles

The surface friction of the silk pillowcase is relatively small. When you turn over while sleeping, the skin on your face can slide directly across the surface instead of leaving marks on your face.

2. Moisturizing facial skin

Generally, when using a cotton pillowcase, it will more or less allow the cotton to absorb the moisture and oil of the facial skin. If you switch to a silk pillowcase, this problem will not occur. Because silk is not as strong as cotton in absorbing moisture and oil.

3. Shiny hair

Cotton pillowcases sometimes absorb moisture and oil in the hair, which can cause hair frizz and lackluster for a long time. This problem can be solved by replacing it with a shiny and soft silk pillowcase.

4. Reduce hair breakage

The silk pillowcase provides a smoother surface to reduce the chance of hair damage, thereby reducing the occurrence of breakage.

5. Reduce hair loss

Especially patients who sleep for a long time or are sick need to stay in bed for a longer time. Long-term friction between cotton pillowcases and hair will increase the phenomenon of hair fall.

6. Hair maintenance time increases

If you have just ironed your hair or styling your hair, and hope that the styling will last a little longer, sleeping on a silk pillowcase will help maintain the styling much more than a cotton pillowcase.

7. The life cycle of eyelashes is extended

Just like your facial skin and hair, the eyelashes will also be affected by the difference in the material of the pillowcase. The silk pillowcase reduces the friction with the skin and hair and has the same function for the eyelashes, which can reduce the phenomenon of breakage and falling.