A exhaustive guide to cashmere

In fact, it is still difficult to buy 100% cashmere clothing on the market, especially those that only sell for a few hundred. Because many of them are blended cashmere sweaters, the cashmere content may be only 30%-50% or a little higher, but these blended fabrics are called cashmere, and the price is also rising but not falling, which is difficult to distinguish. In this case, it really takes skill and patience to buy 100% cashmere online. 

Then let's talk again, is the 100% cashmere fabric bought online good cashmere? NO this is not necessarily true. Why do you say that?

Cashmere yarn is divided into basic BABY cashmere, A-grade cashmere, B-grade cashmere, and regenerated cashmere.

1. First of all, it goes without saying that BABY cashmere is the best, most delicate, softest and most comfortable cashmere. It can be called the ceiling of cashmere. Why do you say that? The fiber diameter is between 13.5-14.5um and the length is between 34-36mm, which is particularly comfortable and soft, making BABY cashmere softer and more luxurious than any other cashmere fibers. Moreover, a young goat can only produce about 30g a year. Taking Tibet as an example, the annual output in this area does not exceed 50 tons. Because of its scarcity and its excellent quality, BABY cashmere redefines the luxury meaning of cashmere yarn.

2. Grade A cashmere, this is royal cashmere yarn, the diameter of cashmere is between 15.2-15.8um, and its yarn characteristics are light, full and luxurious, which ensures its excellent warmth retention, comfortable and soft performance.

3. Grade B cashmere, its fiber fineness is between 15.8-16.3um. This kind of cashmere is very cost-effective and fills the vacancy of Grade A cashmere.

4. Regenerated cashmere, this kind of regenerated cashmere is recycled broken cashmere or cashmere yarn and cashmere products and re-spun into yarn after processing. The advantage of this type of cashmere is that it is cheap, but the disadvantage is that it lacks the comfort, smoothness, and flexibility of cashmere. Makes it feel rough to the touch. But it's also 100% cashmere.

How to distinguish good cashmere?

First look at the fabric:

Cashmere> Merino wool> other wool> cotton, the price is also increasing. There are some other wools, such as Xinjiang fine-wool sheep and Mongolian sheep, which are unified as other wools.

Secondly, look at the yarn count and number of shares:

The index can reflect the thickness of the wool. The higher the degree of count, the finer the yarn. For the higher level of workmanship, there are 26, 28, 36, 48 and so on. The number of strands means that several yarns are turned into one textile. The taller the old tree is, the thicker it is. In winter, try to choose one with a higher number of counts and strands.

Finally look at the weight:

The higher the weight of the woolen sweater, the more expensive the price. The weight of the cashmere sweater is 200-250 grams, and the weight of the bottoming shirt is 120-180 grams.

Using the tips in this article, as well as the information, you should now be able to identify cashmere. Along with the appropriate care methods, high-quality cashmere will last forever!