A friendly guide to shirts

Let’s talk about shirts today~

The shirt can occupy a place in the fashion circle, not only because of its classic, practical and wearable functions but also because it is a single product that can best highlight personal temperament and taste. Shirts originated in the ancient Roman era and were worn as underwear. However, with the evolution of centuries, the wearing methods and styles of shirts have become more and more personalized.

Before choosing a shirt, roughly divide the shirt into two types; basic and design. The design style can be understood as deconstructing or uniquely designing a certain part of the basic style. The basic style refers to the first impression of a category. Buttoned tops are often worn close to the body without too many design elements. The style is simple and generous, and the colors are relatively basic. Let’s talk about basic shirts today.

  1. Style

It is best not to have too many design elements on the basic shirt, and the color is mainly pure color, which can brighten your skin tone the best. Basic shirts can greatly improve the utilization rate of wardrobe. Ruffles, puff sleeves, doll collars, etc. cannot be considered basic models. Once there are other design elements, the shirt will have a style, and there will be problems with style adaptation. (including different fabrics, there will also be style problems)

  1. Version

Close-fitting shirts look like work clothes. The looser the shirt, the more relaxed and casual the atmosphere can be worn. Of course, too loose is not suitable for inner wear.

The length of the clothes just covers the hips is a more suitable length. It looks good when worn alone and layered. It can also be used as a thin coat. It is recommended that people who don’t have many shirts start with the basic style.

Shoulder width ± 3 cm is the shoulder width suitable for your shirt, and the shoulder width of a shirt that is not picky should be between 38-48 cm. For wide shoulders, choose fabrics with large dropped shoulders (the shoulder line is outside and lower than the shoulders) with a sense of drape, and the armholes are too large and too low to be worn inside.

In terms of collars, such as lapels and V-necks, the lines are relatively neat, and the openings modify the face shape, which is a classic and timeless collar shape.

  1. Material

The advantages of pure cotton shirts are good hygroscopicity and a sense of muscle and bone, but the disadvantage is that they are easy to wrinkle and have no drape. Sisters with thin bodies can wear it.

The advantage of silk shirts is that they are soft and drapey, skin-friendly and breathable, but the disadvantage is that they are not easy to take care of. The luster of the fabric will reflect a delicate and mature feeling.

The advantage of pure linen shirts is that they are breathable and cool, but the disadvantage is that the surface is rough and textured, which is not so skin-friendly. Suitable for those who prefer natural relaxation. It is also very friendly to people with rough skin.

The advantage of polyester shirts is that they are wrinkle-resistant and wear-resistant, and they are not easy to wear out. The disadvantages are that they have poor air permeability and do not absorb sweat.

To sum it up: choose pure cotton for neatness and elegance, choose silk for softness and elegance, and choose linen for leisure and casualness. Shirts are all-match styles, you can match them as you like.