A Guide to Women's Silk Long Underwear

Dressing properly for skiing means dressing in layers that will work to keep you dry, warm and protected under a variety of weather conditions. One of the most important layers is the base layer. The base layer is the first layer you put on and has the most contact with your skin. Silk fabric is a good choice for the base layer. They will stay warm and comfortable by layering these lightweight pieces beneath whatever you’re wearing. Read on to learn more about women’s long underwear, what features to look for when shopping, and how to wear them underneath casual and dressy apparel.


Advantages of Silk Long Underwear 

Long underwear made of silk is known for its moisture-absorbing properties and also offers warmth. Silk provides a perfect solution for a medium-cold climate because it does not give a lot heat as wool would. It is also made up of natural materials.  


  • Odor control: silk has some tolerance for stickiness because it inhibits the build-up of odor-causing bacteria. This property can go a long way in ensuring that you do not have body odor for a while if you skip washes.  
  • Moderate wicking: Silk can help keep you dry because they absorb sweat moderately without getting wet.
  • Not bulky: Silk is a lightweight material that can be worn under other garments. This property is great because you will not feel any ‘heaviness’ even when wearing long silk underwear under other clothes.


  • Expensive
  • Need a lot of washing

Is Women’s Lightweight Silk Long Underwear Warm?

Silk is a hollow fiber, which makes it remarkably warm despite its lightweight. This naturally derived material is truly versatile—silk apparel, such as skirts and blouses, is great for keeping cool through spring and summer, while silk long underwear imparts warmth during the fall and winter seasons. This winter wardrobe staple is practical yet luxe, thanks to the smooth, satiny feel.

When you wear silk long underwear beneath your winter apparel, you can get away with wearing lighter pieces even when it’s cold. For example, a lightweight maxi skirt or cotton slacks may not keep you warm on cold days—unless you wear silk interlock pants underneath. A silk interlock long-sleeve top beneath a lightweight blouse is discreet and helps lock in warmth for all-day comfort.

Is Silk a Good Base Layer?

Absolutely! Silk is an excellent base layer for fall and winter apparel. It’s light enough to wear under anything, and it helps lock in your body heat to keep you warm but not overheated. You can wear the lightest of fabrics over silk interlock underwear and stay warm. Thanks to the lightweight and hollow fibers of silk, you’ll barely notice that you’re wearing anything under your outfit.

What to Wear Over Women’s Silk Long Underwear

You’ll want to keep women’s silk long underwear in mind for just about any occasion. Layer silk interlock pants beneath jeggings, then top with a tunic sweater and slip-on calf-high boots. If you want something dressier, slacks with a cashmere turtleneck over a silk underwear set are one option to consider.

Silk long underwear can also be worn underneath women’s jeans. Whether your preferred style is skinny or high-rise jeans, silk pants are light enough to wear as a base layer for added warmth. When it comes to wearing silk interlock tops, you can layer one underneath a cardigan and add a scarf for an on-trend winter look that’s great for everyday wear.

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