A necessary guide to care silk quilt


A comfortable quilt can give people a sense of happiness and security, but no matter what kind of quilt, it has its service life. The length of the quilt's service life is closely related to its own lifespan and its maintenance.

When your quilt has the following 4 situations, you should consider changing the quilt

1. A quilt that has been used continuously for more than 5 years

Cotton quilt > 2 years old, needs to be refurbished

The fiber is > 5 years old and should be replaced with a new one

Silk and duvets are >5 years old and need to be refurbished

2. The fabric is yellowed in large areas

A large area of the quilt is yellow, which may be caused by using it for too long or being damp. This is the prelude to mildew. It is best to dry it or replace it with a new one

3. There is a peculiar smell or a musty smell on the quilt

The quilt smelled, it was moldy. It may be that the quilt has been used for a long time, the frequency of drying is too small, and the quilt has been damp for a long time. It is recommended to replace it with a new one.

4. The quilt into a united board fault cannot be used

The quilt has been used for a long time, and the fibers appear in clusters or boards. It is easy to affect the warmth of the quilt, so it is recommended to replace it with a new one.

If the quilt is uncomfortable, you should consider changing it. Don't let the quilt work "sickly".

Silk quilt is environmentally friendly and healthy, soft and comfortable, and not easy to get damp, suitable for all ages, and suitable for sensitive skin~ It can be used for 10 years with proper maintenance. Babies who change quilts can consider buying a bed~


The use and maintenance skills of silk quilt


Newly drawn silk quilts will have a smell and need to be placed in a ventilated place to dry for a period of time

Put on the quilt cover when using it, and wash the quilt cover daily

Do not press the quilt heavily, if you shake it after pressing it, the fluffiness will be restored

The silk is ventilated and dried from time to time

To dry

Put it in a well-lit and well-ventilated environment, spread it flat to dry, and turn over the quilt more often

In summer, dry in the morning or evening, each time/1h, 1~2 times a month

In spring, autumn and winter, it can be dried during the day, every time/2h, 1~3 times a month

Dry the quilt cover to reduce strong light damage, and gently pat it with your hands to keep it fluffy


Before storage, it needs to be ventilated and dried until it is dry and then let cool

Store in a dry and cool place, do not press it with heavy objects

Do not put it in a plastic bag, so as not to affect the quality of silk due to long-term airtightness

Do not add chemical agents such as camphor balls, so as not to cause the yellowing of the silk

To clean

Silk itself does not absorb dust and generally does not need to be cleaned

To clean, spot cleaning with a special neutral detergent is required:

① Pull up the dirty fabric and tie it up to separate it from the silk, and use a neutral detergent for local cleaning;

②Wring out the quilt core cover and dry it in the air or with a hair dryer

If it is too dirty, you can ask the merchant to take out the silk and change the quilt cover

Some silk summer quilts are washable and can be washed moderately


Good bedding needs to be selected and maintained so that it can be used for a long time and is comfortable to use~