The 16 Best Silk Robes Of 2023

When it comes to a bathrobe, you want something that feels incredible against your skin. Unlike house robes, which you might put over pajamas or loungewear, bathrobes make direct skin contact. And because it’s the first thing to touch your body after you dry off, silk has become a popular fabric for bathrobes.

Silk bathrobes hug the body, feel soft to the touch and have a luxurious look. Some robes like the Kwedhonjh Women's Classic 100% Silk Kimono Robe also feature beautiful patterns. Silk bathrobes make an excellent gift for anniversaries, bachelorette parties or even just when you want to treat yourself to something special.

What to know before you buy a silk bathrobe


Mulberry silk is the gold standard because it comes from silkworms fed exclusively mulberry leaves, for an end product that's "silk’s equivalent of Egyptian cotton," according to Lexie Sachs, Associate Director of the Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab, in an interview with Good Housekeeping. Mulberry silk is durable, ultra-soft, and hypoallergenic. In fact, mulberry contains a natural protein called sericin that can reduce allergic reactions, making it a great choice for anyone with sensitive, allergy-prone skin.


Silk weaves are measured in momme (mm), which is the measurement of strands of silk per 100 yards of fabric — put another way, the denser the weave, the higher the momme. It's not a good idea to go below 19 momme or you risk winding up with a low-quality product. If you want pure sophistication and are open to paying a bit more, 22 momme silk is incredibly lustrous and can last for years.


Robes can come in solid colors or they can be designed with prints or patterns. Which one you choose is completely up to your personal preference. You can also decide how long or short the sleeves should be, though longer sleeves are more common. Some robes also have lace trims at the bottom and sleeve hems, which add a delicate touch to your whole look. However, keep an eye out for the material as some people find a lace to be itchy and irritating on the skin.

Additional features

When you want proper coverage, robes allow you to fasten the ends with the help of a belt made with the same material. As silk is smooth and slippery, look for belt loops so the closure remains in place without falling apart constantly. Even better, opt for a belt that runs on the inside of the robe along with inner ties for that extra bit of security. Pockets on the front or sides are a great option as well. You can stash your phone and other small items in them when you’re relaxing at home and forget about having to move for a while.

If a silk robe has been on your wishlist for a while, it’s time to take the plunge! After all, a girl can survive in her old bathrobe for only so long. With this list of the 11 best silk robes, you can pick one that makes you feel like royalty. From a plethora of color and design options, there is no shortage of the kinds of robes that would look great in your wardrobe and on you! If a hefty price tag intimidates you, synthetic fabrics are as fantastic as silk at giving you the coveted butter-soft feeling. No more wondering what to wear for upcoming sleepovers or bachelorette parties. Pick a couple of your favorite silk robes and your effortlessly sexy outfit will be sorted.

Silk bathrobe features 


It’s nice to have some pockets on your bathrobe. If you plan on having a relaxing day at home in your bathrobe, pockets allow you to stash a remote control, a cell phone or any other personal items you want to keep handy. Some silk robes do not come with pockets, so if this is a feature you want, be sure to check the product description before making a purchase.

Securing ties

One common frustration of some robes is they come undone continuously. As you move about your day, you might need to tighten the robe, adjust it or re-tie it completely. Most robes that only have an external tie have this issue. If your robe has both an internal and external tie, these help secure your robe in place. This feature will help keep your robe closed and prevent any potentially embarrassing moments from happening.


Consider whether you want a full-length, mid-length or short robe. Full-length robes tend to offer a little warmth and are great for the winter. If you are tall, look for brands that offer extra-long robes. Some people don’t need warmth and would rather have the full mobility that comes with a mid-length robe. Those who only need a little added warmth to their upper body might enjoy a short robe. These are easy to move around in and pair nicely with a camisole and lounge pants.

After a long day of working, cooking, Zoom-ing, and working out at home, you certainly deserve to feel royal.  we have you covered with the best silk robes you to wrap yourself in after a bubble bath, throw on over pajamas, or top off a saucy lingerie look.

1. Peacock Blue Elegant Women's Silk Kimono Robe

The elegant peacock blue is matched with the artistic picture of flowers and birds. As the wearer walks, sits, and sleeps, this silk robe is soft and elegant, with a silky touch, making it unforgettable to wear.

2. Luxury Purple Long Women's Silk Kimono Robe

On a romantic night, the elegant hem of the silk robe will rise with the wind, swaying in the radiant night, gently plucking your heartstrings, making every night of yours unforgettable.

3. Green Floral Women's Silk Kimono Robe

Whether it is worn at home or matched with other clothing, this silk robe can perfectly show your elegance and fashion taste. What's more, real silk material cares and nourishes your skin, which is your best choice to improve your quality of life.

4. Deep Pink Floral Women's Silk Kimono Robe

A high-quality silk robe can be warm in winter and cool in summer. Grade 6A mulberry silk contains higher silk volume voids in the fiber, which can play a two-way adjustment function, reduce heat conduction in cold weather, and has better warmth retention than cotton and wool. When the weather is hot, it can discharge excess heat, keep the body temperature constant, and play the role of warming in winter and cool in summer.

5. Oriental Totem Motif Women's Silk Kimono Robe

Life also needs a sense of ritual. A silk robe is a good thing to enhance the sense of happiness, wrapping your tenderness, and at the same time outline the elegance and laziness of a woman, allowing you to enjoy your free time.

6. Oriental Totem Motif Women's Silk Kimono Robe

There has never been a single product like a silk robe, which at the same time outlines a woman's gentleness, delicateness, and lazy sexy. On the special day of life, greet the arrival with a delicate silk kimono robe to radiate the charm of women.

7. Red Oriental Motif Print Women's Silk Kimono Robe

The silk robe is woven with excellent mulberry silk. It is a silk fabric with a rich sense of life and brings you the intimate skin enjoyment that is always with you. It softly wraps every inch of the body's skin, with a unique silky feel that touches the heart.

8. Oriental Dragon Motif Women's Silk Kimono Robe

The silk kimono robe is elegant and well-tailored. French lifestyle deeply influences women all over the world. Put on the silky and decent silk robe and light up the fragrance to open up the time of living every day.

9.19 Momme Solid Oversize Silk Robe

This silk robe is oversize and cozy, which is simple but can make you sleep soundly the whole night. We only use the finest materials for our products and produce sustainably and fairly. Our mission is to help you sleep better and wake up fully charged

10.19 Momme Women's Sexy Lacey Silk Robe Set

French lace is the symbol of being romantic and sexy. The touch of this set of pajamas is delicate and soft, full of true love, and presents romance and elegance all the time. We only use natural high-quality silk fabric, constantly perfect its quality and satisfy the delicate experience of skin contact.

11. Long Silk Robe Women Luxury Style

The silk protein fiber in the silk robe contains a hydrophilic side chain amino acid substance, which can absorb and emit moisture in the air, and retain a certain amount of moisture. Under normal temperature, it can help the skin retain a certain amount of moisture and prevent the skin from being too dry. When the weather is hot, the sweat and heat discharged by the human body can be quickly released, making people feel extremely cool.

12. Red Flowers Green Leaves Women's Silk Robe Set

The silk robe set is soft and glutinous, maintaining a sense of warmth, caring for women's delicate skin, being neat and stylish, and showing women's graceful gestures.

13. Light Purple Sexy Women's Silk Robe Set

Because silk is a kind of protein fiber, it has good moisture absorption, good air permeability, strong dirt absorption, and antibacterial ability. The silk robe can increase the vitality of cells when it touches the skin, it can also prevent blood vessel hardening and anti-aging function.

14. Sexy Lace Plain Color Silk Robe Set

The fabric of the silk robe set contains a variety of natural amino acids, which are purely natural to lock water so that the skin does not lose moisture. It is a savior for people with sensitive skin in dry seasons.

15. Champagne Fairy Print Women's Silk Kimono Robe

The collision of tradition and trend, the coexistence of elegance and fashion, shows a different kind of beauty. The silk robe is made of natural high-quality fabrics. We strive for perfection, quality, and quantity so that it can satisfy the delicate experience of skin contact.

16. Purple Noble Women's Silk Kimono Robe

The silk kimono robe focuses on expressing self-confidence and a casual attitude, bringing the sensual charm of a sunny self. Thin and exquisite design ingenuity and modern use of colors make the definition of silk robe more diverse and perfect.

Care Instructions

Silk is a delicate material, often synonymous with being high-maintenance, but well-made silk can actually be cared for at home. Some silk items come with special wash bags that protect the delicate fabric while offering the convenience of machine washing. Others need to be hand-washed for the best care. Generally speaking, it's always a better idea to hang dry a silk robe to maintain the fabric.

I’ve included short and long robe options to suit every style. Treat yourself to the luxury of a real silk robe and you’ll never look back.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are silk robes washable?

Silk is a delicate fabric so it needs to be cleaned carefully, but you can also find robes that can be washed in the machine. Do check the manufacturer’s label for instructions on upkeep.

2. Are silk robes warm?

No, silk robes are lightweight and allow for optimum airflow to keep you cool and ventilated all night long.

3. Can you sleep in a silk robe?

Yes, silk is a skin-friendly fabric that keeps you cool and comfortable when you sleep in it. It is also lightweight and breathable, so you won’t feel constricted at all.