Buyer's guide to quality bedding

The right bedding can help you sleep better at night and ensure that you awaken feeling refreshed, revitalized and ready to face the day ahead. However, with so much jargon to contend with, it can be difficult to know where to begin. This guide to buying luxury bedding will help you make the right choices, ensuring that you get excellent value for your money and the best possible night’s sleep.

How to choose bedding technology?

Brushed, plain, twill. Satin, the specific difference

01 sanding

Wearing a layer of fur on the surface of the fabric will make it softer, suitable for winter, but it will shed hair and feel old after washing.

02 plain weave

It feels hard, dull, and basically inelastic, but wear-resistant.

03 Twill

Elasticity, wrinkle resistance, and feel are better than plain weave, but not as wear-resistant as plain weave.

04 satin

The texture is soft and silky, with good drape, good elasticity and air-conditioning, thick but easy to snag, and the best value is pure cotton satin.

05 Printing and dyeing process

Those with colored national cases are all printed. The printing and dyeing process is reactive printing and dyeing, and the cheap ones use non-reactive dyes.

How to choose the number of bedding?

What is count

An important indicator to measure the quality of fabrics.

The higher the count, the finer the fiber, the thinner the fabric, the smoother the texture of the fabric, and the more expensive the price.

  1. The number of four-piece sets is mostly between 30-60, try to choose between 40-60, soft and skin-friendly comfort and relatively high-cost performance.

    2. If the budget is sufficient, you can buy 80/100 sticks. No matter how high it is, it is not necessary, and it may not be true. Keep your eyes open.

    3. The higher the count of the four-piece suit does not mean the better, the super high count is used to make clothes

Clothes, not bedding, such as suits generally 80-100.

In addition to these, remember the three ingredients when buying bedding fabrics, so you won’t be fooled. They are 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, 100% Lyocell

  1. Cotton

No matter what kind of cotton people say, we must first determine whether it is all cotton

  1. All polyester fiber is chemical fiber

Sanding, washed cotton, milk velvet, coral velvet, flannel. Lamb velvet is all polyester fiber

  1. All lyocell fiber is silk

It is very comfortable to use in summer

  1. Long-staple cotton

Long-staple cotton is the name of cotton varieties; Pima cotton, sea-island cotton, and Egyptian cotton are all names of cotton origin.

  1. 100-count long-staple cotton

Already a very good fabric. There is really no need to pursue 120, 160, 180.

  1. 80-count long-staple cotton

Most of the 80-count long-staple cotton is 60-count counterfeit, it is recommended not to buy

  1. Cotton washed cotton

The hand feeling of cotton washed cotton is actually rougher and not thicker than 60-count long-staple cotton and 40-count twill cotton. The advantage is that the more washed the softer

  1. Wash cotton with cotton in spring and autumn

40-count twill, 60-count long-staple cotton, 100-count long-staple cotton, these fabrics are not thick

  1. Use cotton brushed fabric in winter

32 are relatively thick. 60-count cotton brushed, 100-count cotton brushed, not too thick

In terms of the design of a set of high-end bedding, it costs more; in terms of materials, real materials; It's all the superposition of costs. In short, bedding can't be casual. It is related to your sleep health and comfort, and it is related to the mood of the whole family.