Cashmere Care Tips

Cashmere sweaters are soft, warm and beautiful. They make great staple pieces for a winter wardrobe. Cashmere is such a luxurious, comfortable fabric. Cashmere sweaters are not only stylish but also lightweight and versatile. They can be dressed down for a day out running errands or dressed up for a night out with girlfriends.

Due to their delicate and expensive nature, cashmere sweaters require a certain level of care. Learning to take care of the natural fibers in your cashmere sweater can make it last a long time. These practical and effective tips will help you take care of your cashmere sweaters and keep them in excellent condition for years to come.

How Often Should You Wash Cashmere?

The answer depends on a few factors, including your personal comfort level, how much you sweat or exert yourself while wearing the item, and whether you wear an undershirt. We generally recommend laundering cashmere knits approximately every three to four years. If you have a pile of sweaters in your closet that you don't wear too often, then once or twice a season is perfect to keep them feeling fresh. It's also especially important to launder natural fibers like cashmere before storing away items for the summer season, as residue from sweat or body oil (even if it doesn't smell!) can attract bugs.

Cleaning Instructions

Before washing, always check the label of the garment to know the washing requirements of the cashmere sweater. It is recommended to use a special cashmere detergent to protect the cashmere fibers. Hand wash in warm water (below 30°C), avoid machine washing to prevent fiber damage. When cleaning, rub gently to avoid excessive kneading and pulling to prevent deformation.

Drying and storage

Do not expose it to the sun directly to avoid discoloration or aging of the cashmere sweater. Choose a cool and ventilated place to dry, spread the clothes flat, and avoid using hangers to prevent deformation. Once completely dry, texture the cashmere sweater and fold it away for storage. When storing, avoid using plastic bags. It is recommended to use cloth bags to keep them breathable.

Pilling and moth removal

Use a special depilator or cashmere comb to gently comb the surface of the cashmere sweater to remove pilling. Anti-moth measures: When storing cashmere sweaters, you can place mothballs or other natural insect repellants near the clothes.

Seasonal maintenance

Every spring, wash the cashmere sweater thoroughly, dry it, organize and store it, and wait for it to be worn again the next winter. In autumn, check whether the cashmere sweater has problems such as moth marks and pilling, and deal with it accordingly.

The above are the secrets of cashmere sweater maintenance that I have compiled for you. With proper care, your cashmere sweater will stay soft and shiny to accompany you through every warm winter.

Bonus Tip: While some of these facts are cashmere-specific, you can follow this process to clean and care for any pure woolens. Do not follow these steps if your garments are cashmere or wool blends with synthetic components (acrylic, nylon, polyester, etc.), or for lined items like wool jackets and suits.