Does silk sheets keep you cool ?

Silk sheets can keep you cool. Silk is naturally absorbent and breathable, and these qualities may make it a worthwhile option for those seeking heat relief while sleeping. If you’re looking for a sheet fabric to reduce your body temperature at night, silk is one of your best bets.

This article will explore the various features you should look for when choosing a new set of silk sheets

How Does Silk Keep Us Cool?

Silk Fabric Can Absorb Sweat and Draw Moisture Away From Sleepers. Waking up drenched in sweat is not a pleasant experience, which is why many hot sleepers choose sheets that can absorb some excess sweat and help keep them dry. Fabrics that are naturally absorbent tend to work best. While cotton is infamous for being particularly absorbent, silk also absorbs moisture incredibly well. 

It’s important to note that while 100% silk products can soak up and hold onto moisture, mixed silk fabrics tend to be better at wicking away sweat. In addition, natural silk can retain body odors derived from sweat, resulting in foul-smelling sheets. 

Contrary to popular belief, organic silk is not naturally antimicrobial. Processed silk products, especially mixed silk fabrics, do have antimicrobial qualities, but this is only the result of chemical treatment. So, while silk can absorb sweat and help keep sleepers dry, it can also become a haven for sweat-borne bacteria and microbes. 

To keep your sheets smelling, looking, and feeling their best, it’s important to either wash them consistently or choose a silk fabric made with mixed fibers. Pure silk is also prone to staining, so you may want to choose a mixed option for the sake of hygiene, convenience, and aesthetic appeal.

Still, silk is an effective option for sweaty sleepers because it is absorbent, and staying dry is the first step to keeping cool in bed.

Features to Look For In Cooling Silk Sheets

There are several crucial features to look for when choosing a new set of silk sheets. The first thing that most buyers will want to decide is whether to invest in 100% pure silk fabric, or a silky synthetic blend. However, thread count and washability are also essential factors to consider.

Mixed Materials

While all-natural silk does a pretty good job at absorbing sweat, transferring heat away from the body, and breathing, synthetic materials or silk blends tend to accomplish these feats more effectively. 

Most silk blends have all of the prized qualities of silk but without many of its drawbacks. If you’re seeking a super-cooling sheet set with a silky smooth finish, a blend may be the best option.

Low Thread Count

Thread count refers to the number of threads contained within a single square inch of fabric. The lower the thread count, the more breathable a set of sheets will be, and vice versa. While sheet sets with high thread counts are attractive because of their durability, they can also increase thermal insulation.

The most breathable cooling silk sheets are those that have thread counts of about 300. Any less and the integrity of the fabric may be compromised. Any more and the airflow of the sheets is dramatically decreased. Finding a balance between quality and breathability is one of the greatest challenges, but understanding thread count can help.

How can I wash it?

There is no lie in the fact that silk is a pretentious fabric, which requires gentle care. Being a delicate fabric means that it, generally, must be hand-washed. Hot sleepers tend to get sweaty, and even though the silk bedding will reduce this effect, it can also trap the smell if not washed regularly.

Typically, you can clean silk every two weeks, but hot sleepers might need to wash them more often. Obviously, it can become problematic.

It is crucial to find silk bedding that can be washed by a machine, so you won't need to do it yourself.

Good silk, along with proper care of the material, is one of the smartest options for bedding. Of course, there are disadvantages and inconveniences, such as the price or the extra care you need to take for them, but overall, they are a wise choice if you are a moderate hot sleeper.

The most important fact is that it doesn't need to be changed through the year with different fabrics, as it is right for both colder and warmer seasons.