Fitted sheet ≠ Flat sheet, what is the difference?

Wondering the difference between a fitted sheet and a flat sheet? Read below to find out everything you need to know about the difference between flat and fitted sheets.

Shape distinction

A bed sheet is a rectangular style bed sheet.

The shape of the fitted sheet is like a shower cap, and it is a cloth cover that is directly put on the mattress; some fitted sheets have elastic at the bottom, and some fitted sheets have elastic bands at the four corners of the bottom, and elastic bands at the four corners. There are drop edges on all four sides. Generally, the four sides of the fitted sheet should droop about 20-35 cm. This makes it easy to wrap around the mattress

Role distinction

Bed sheets are laid on the bed and are in direct contact with the body, so the quality requirements for the fabric are also the highest.

The main purpose of the fitted sheet is to wrap the mattress. The mattress itself is very easy to get dusty and dirty. Coupled with man-made damage, it will become very dirty in a short time and it is very inconvenient to clean. The fitted sheet solves this problem.

The difference between a fitted sheet and a bed sheet

(1) Different laying methods

The bed sheet is laid directly on top of the mattress, and its edges hang down naturally, which looks very nice overall, but if the mattress is slippery, it is easy to wrinkle during sleep and needs to be taken care of frequently. As a cover, the fitted sheet is directly covered on the mattress, which is not easy to wrinkle and is easy to take care of. However, the fitted sheet does not look as beautiful as the bed sheet.

(2) Different sizes and specifications

Generally, the size of the bed sheet can be adjusted arbitrarily, so the size of the bed sheet has almost no effect on the bed. When choosing a bed sheet, one principle can be followed, that is, buy big or not small, that is to say, the size of the bed sheet can be larger than the size of the bed. size, but the size of the bed cannot be larger than the sheet. The size of the fitted sheet has certain requirements for the size of the bed. Generally, a 1.8m*2m bed requires a 1.8m*2m*25cm fitted sheet, while a 1.5m*2m bed requires a 1.5m* 2m*25cm fitted sheet.

(3) The production complexity is different

A bed sheet can be said to be a square piece of fabric, and it is relatively simple to make, while a fitted sheet is more complicated than a bed sheet because it is a cover. Cut off 4 small squares from the four corners of a bed sheet, sew them together, and then wrap them around Install it to play a fixed role, so that it is not easy to slip off on the mattress. Due to the complexity of its production, the price of generally fitted sheets is higher than that of ordinary sheets.