Happy Mother’s Day

Mothers deserve the best gifts of all, just for the sake of putting up with all of us for the entire year and always going the extra mile to make everyone else feel special. So, when Mother’s Day comes around, it's the perfect time to spoil her, and what better way than to help her treat herself to some much-needed self-care?

That can come in the form of a spa gift card for a massage or pedicure, or it can be something that she can use at home to make every day feel luxurious. While people can never go wrong with a self-care beauty gift like face masks or a fancy new serum, we've got one recommendation that is even cozier and luxe: silk pajamas

Why are silk pajamas?

Silk Against the Skin

Being a hypoallergenic fabric, silk pajamas resist allergens such as mold and fungus to an extent that it's cotton and flannel competitors cannot. This also means that any skin irritation from clothing is diminished when wearing silk, and in turn, can even give it the essence of a healthy glow. The fibers in the material itself are incredibly moisturizing to the skin as opposed to other popular fabrics such as cotton. Discomfort from fabrics such as cotton can be caused by the fabric being too hot in the summer, and not warming enough in the winter. 

Silk on the other hand is the perfect fabric to balance keeping cool during the summer months, and warm during the winter months. Silk is also good for preventing the effects of aging. As silk doesn’t absorb moisture, it reduces friction between people's skin and the bed, therefore causing fewer creases to appear on people's skin after sleep than there would be if people sleep in cotton or flannel pajamas.   

Bring Better Sleep

Research shows that sleeping in silk can in fact give people better sleep. Cotton sleepwear can irritate the skin, and attract dust and mites at night, which impacts restfulness to a great extent. Things silk pajamas cannot do: save the world, but they will save people from restless nights. Its dense fabric structure prevents dust and mites from accumulating; in the meantime, sericin repels dust mites. Not only that. The silk fabric protein combines 18 kinds of natural amino acids that are named 'the sleep factor.' Those trick the nervous system into a relaxing state that triggers people to sleep mode.

Anti-fungi Result

Our sleeping environment may be a breeding ground for fungus and other bacteria. It should be noted that sericin makes silk resistant to mold, fungus, and bacteria. A recent study shows that silk sleepwear is becoming a popular choice. Not only can it envelop people nicely during sleep, but also it can avoid repeated infections of candida Albicans which cause the common fungal infection in women.


Another fantastic quality of silk that makes it stand out from its competitors, such as cotton and flannel, is its fire-retardant properties. This makes it the ideal choice if people are looking for a fabric that is not only comfortable but safe and practical too. Many experts actually recommend silk pajamas and sheets for babies and children, due to the safety properties of the fabric. Instead of melting when coming into contact with fire, as the usual cotton and flannel pajamas would do, silk simply burns straight to ash. This makes it the safer option for the fabrics as it will not stick to the skin in contact with extreme heat.

Silk pajamas are a fanciful treat that many mothers probably wouldn't think to purchase for themselves, which is exactly why it makes the best surprise. people might even want to gift people self a matching set, too. Shop our top eight recommendations for silk pajamas below:

1.19 Momme Classic Silk Pajamas For Women

With the material of real silk, they are smooth and light, which makes people feel no weight on people's body and offers people gorgeous enjoyment day and night. Imagine that people nestle on the sofa on a lovely afternoon, wear the cozy silk pajamas, the sunlight shining warmly on people, and enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee. Such a pleasant and comfortable scene! Shop now, to enjoy a wonderful life! For overall beauty, people may also need some scrunchies matching the pajamas.

2.19 Momme Short Women's Classic Silk Pajama Set

This is really a set of fashion pajamas people don't want to miss. Selected grade 6A mulberry silk, feels like a baby's skin, soft and delicate. A more comfortable experience than wearing nothing. We adopt a national environmental protection dyeing standard, so the pajamas do not contain aromatic amine and other harmful carcinogens. Fade is never tolerated, therefore, we adopt high standards to fix colors. If people use the special detergent or shampoo for silk correctly, even the dark color will not fade. The retro lapel can show people sexy collarbones and make people's necks look more slender. With the high-quality texture, the classic silk pajamas set is the best choice for people day and night.

3.19 Momme Luxury Crane Print Silk Pajamas For Women

We select the fabric for comfort. The glorious pajamas born to be comfortable are more comfortable than naked sleep. people are both romantic and in pursuit of beauty. people love the pureness of the solid color, full of infinite imagination of art, and with a bit of mature charm. Soft tone, with a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere filled in the air. With a fluid cut and comfortable drape, our pajamas are people's smart choices.

4.22 Momme Women's LifeStyle Real Silk Pajama Set

The two-piece silk pajama set has a French elegant style. Its hollow-out design is romantic and graceful, with upmarket luxury, and can bring people irresistible charm. The comfortable, soft, skin-friendly fabric is like melodic pure music, making people feel the original innocence and beauty. This set is made of 100% grade 6A mulberry silk, with a V neck, comfortable three-quarter sleeves, and lace cuffs, which can offer people the best sleep experience.

5.22 Momme Classic Design Women's Silk Pajamas Short Set

Silky and exquisite silk pajamas will make people fall in love with a good time at home, and even people's dreams are full of happiness. Silk pajamas are not only psychologically pleasant and satisfying with their gorgeous appearance and soft and smooth touch, but they are also loved by everyone for their unique moisture absorption, breathability, heat-retaining, and skin-relief effects.

6.22 Momme Loose Solid Best Women's Silk Pajamas

Silk pajamas help regulate the temperature and humidity of the human body. Contact dermatitis rarely occurs after silk pajamas come into contact with the skin. On the contrary, the skin constantly rubs against the silk pajamas, which can also play an auxiliary role in the treatment of certain skin diseases.

7.22 Momme High Quality Oriental Flower Designed Silk Pajamas Set

Everyone should have a set of silk pajamas to enjoy the unique sense brought by silk at night. It belongs to a lifestyle collection, which offers people a more relaxed and cozy wearing experience. The pajamas are loose and skin-friendly without any toxic chemicals. 

8. Silk Pajamas For Women Short Set With Puff Sleeves

The silk pajama short set features a covered square neckline for a sleek touch. Sweet puff sleeves, versatile to wear, sweet yet elegant. Contrasting color edging embellishment, simple and individual. Made of 100% mulberry silk, it is an ideal natural fabric for pajamas.

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