How do silk pajamas feel?

Silk pajamas are characterized by a strong sense of comfort, good moisture absorption and desorption, sound absorption, and dust absorption. The silk is composed of protein fibers, soft and smooth in texture, and delicate to the touch. Compared with other fiber fabrics, the coefficient of friction with human skin is only 7.4%. Therefore, when human skin comes into contact with silk products, it often feels soft and delicate. Silk pajamas have natural moisture absorption and release properties, which are unmatched by other artificial fibers. Because of its porosity, silk can absorb air gaps. Silk can absorb or emit moisture in the air so that it can absorb moisture in a humid environment and release moisture in a dry environment. Therefore, in addition to its self-adjusting ability, it can also help people's skin or other silk products to retain a certain amount of moisture. If you wear silk clothing in summer, sweat and heat can be quickly dissipated. The breathability is very strong, making people feel extremely cool.

Silk has a unique health care function. The silk fiber contains 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body, which is almost the same as the amino acids contained in human skin, so it is also called the "second skin" of human beings. At the same time, tryptophan and tyrosine in silk protein can absorb ultraviolet rays, prevent ultraviolet radiation, enhance the vitality of skin cells on the body, promote skin cell metabolism, and have a good auxiliary therapeutic effect on certain skin diseases. This natural function that cannot be achieved by rayon also establishes the precious value of real silk products.

Choose silk pajamas in summer, because the summer heat will often sweat, and cotton pajamas are not as breathable and hygroscopic as silk pajamas. The biggest feature is that when your skin is dry, it can absorb moisture in the air to moisturize, and it can help dehumidify when you sweat. The breathability is very strong, making people feel extremely cool.

The thickness of silk pajamas should be less than 19 momme in spring and summer, and pajamas with more than 19 momme are more suitable for winter use. And the pajamas of 19 momme are the best choice in summer, and also represent the top quality. Its sleek and elegant feeling is the best, and it can well show the unique charm of real silk. Moreover, it is not easy to open the thread under the texture of 19 momme. In autumn and winter, you should choose pajamas of about 30 momme, which will have good warmth and beauty.