How To Buy A Silk Pajamas On A Shoestring Budget

After a long day, there are few better feelings than taking off your work or play clothes and slipping into a snuggly pajama set. We're kind of experts on the best pajamas. It's one of those "ah, yes" moments, similar to how it feels when you take your hair down from a tight ponytail or finally get to unsnap an underwire bra. Just because PJs are all about comfort doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your sartorial game. In fact, there are endless pajama sets on the market that are just as cute as they are cozy. Some happen to be chic-as-all-get-out too. We try to find out more about wearing silk to sleep and compiled silk pajama options.

Why wear silk to sleep

Silk’s breathability makes it a favored material for face masks and pillowcases. That breathability is due to the fineness of the fiber in the fabric, which ultimately helps it feel so supple on the body — even more so than other natural textiles like cotton, linen or wool, explained Ashlee Rzyczycki, a visiting assistant professor at St. Thomas University in Florida who specializes in sustainability in fashion.

It’s also hypoallergenic, helping your skin breathe, Rzyczycki told us. If what you’ve been wearing to bed is itchy or irritating, silk could be an upgrade. “Silk feels very smooth against the skin, reducing snags and scratchiness that may come from other materials,” Foley added. “People who struggle with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis may find silk especially great for sleeping as it won’t irritate their skin as much as other pajama materials like cotton and wool.”

Top-rated affordable silk sleepwear

While silk is usually thought of like a splurge, it doesn’t have to be. Some silk sleepwear can be steep in price, but you can still find plenty of more affordable pajamas out there. To help, we gathered long silk pajama sets, short silk pajamas that are all under $200. All of the options below are also made with 100 percent silk and are washable at home.

1. Classic Silk Pajamas For Women

With the material of real silk, they are smooth and light, which makes you feel no weight on your body and offers you gorgeous enjoyment day and night. Imagine that you nestle on the sofa on a lovely afternoon, wear the cozy silk pajamas, the sunlight shining warmly on you, enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee. Such a pleasant and comfortable scene! Shop now, to enjoy a wonderful life! For overall beauty, you may also need some scrunchies matching the pajamas.

2. 22 Momme Women's LifeStyle Real Silk Pajama Set

The two-piece silk pajama set has a French elegant style. Its hollow-out design is romantic and graceful, with upmarket luxury, and can bring you irresistible charm. The comfortable, soft, skin-friendly fabric is like melodic pure music, making people feel the original innocence and beauty. This set is made of 100% grade 6A mulberry silk, with a V neck, comfortable three-quarter sleeves, and lace cuffs, which can offer you the best sleep experience.

3. 19 Momme Women's Purple Printed Real Silk Pajamas

Women are born precious, they deserve a set of silk pajamas. It is soft and silky like milk, care every inch of your skin. We use plant spray which has high color fastness and is not easy to fade. Floral design, gentle and elegant, has intelligent style such as you, and can also show your light ripe temperament.

4. Short Women's Classic Silk Pajama Set

This is really a set of fashion pajamas you don't want to miss. Selected grade 6A mulberry silk, feels like a baby's skin, soft and delicate. A more comfortable experience than wearing nothing. We adopt a national environmental protection dyeing standard, so the pajamas do not contain aromatic amine and other harmful carcinogens. Fade is never tolerated, therefore, we adopt high standards to fix colors. If you use the special detergent or shampoo for silk correctly, even the dark color will not fade. The retro lapel can show your sexy collarbone and make your neck look more slender. With the high-quality texture, the classic silk pajamas set is the best choice for your day and night.

5. 19 Momme Blue Lifestyle Short Silk Pajamas Set

V neck can embellish your neck well to make you look slim and tall. When you wear it, shows a little sexy and feminine look inadvertently. Delicate shell buckle cooperated with natural silk fabrics, we will carry on the natural comfort to the end.

6. Chic Silk Pajamas For Women

You can be very elegant or lovely. Multiple colors are offered for women of various ages or with different personalities. This set has a classic suit collar, contrasting trim, and delicate pearl buttons. Quiet but sweet, it can unlock you in various moods. Women are born precious, deserving of silk pajamas. Real silk is like milk, caring for your skin gently.