How to match cashmere coat with pants?

In autumn and winter, you need to be tightly wrapped from head to toe, so a cashmere coat paired with a variety of trousers is the best choice. Don’t take it lightly if you choose the right cashmere coat. If you match a noble cashmere coat incorrectly, it will look cheap. Look for these 3 rules to perfectly match a cashmere coat.

Elegant office worker: cashmere coat + drapey wide-leg pants

The elegance of wide-leg pants and a cashmere coat couldn’t be more perfect. The drapey wide-leg pants and cashmere coat truly demonstrate what "walking with style" means. It has all the elegance that office workers want. Wide-leg pants made of lightweight materials bring a fresh feel to autumn and winter outfits. Light colors such as apricot and oatmeal have a good-looking temperament. Wear them with a cashmere coat in the same color, which is simple yet meaningful.

Pairing wide-leg pants made of cashmere with a cashmere coat has a wonderful effect, and the transition between colors can be seamless. The length of wide-leg pants can slightly cover the top of the feet, and the invisible retro temperament makes it more modern. The length of wide-leg pants should be slightly longer than that of a cashmere coat to reflect the uneven layering and enhance your temperament.

Casual and lively girl: cashmere coat + skinny jeans

The contrast created by pairing an age-worthy item like jeans with a cashmere coat is particularly lively. Lively girls who prefer casual dressing can use small-legged jeans to neutralize the mature feeling of cashmere coats. Light blue small-legged jeans are suitable for matching with dark-colored cashmere coats. The gathered trouser legs frame the extra casualness without losing the sophistication.

Dark jeans have a cool feel, and paired with a cashmere coat in a calm tone, the personality is more outstanding. Cropped jeans that expose a little of the ankle are designed to solve problems such as short legs and thick calves. Be sure to choose high-waisted jeans so that they don’t look vulgar. When pairing a cashmere coat with jeans, wear the coat open for a more casual look.

Smart woman: cashmere coat + suit pants

The secret to transforming into a domineering woman is a pair of smart suit pants. Dark colors such as black are the safest choice. Paired with a cashmere coat of the same color and cool boots, your aura will instantly kill the crowd. Tuck the inner top into suit pants to highlight the high waistline and reveal long legs, while accurately controlling the capable aura.

The light-colored suit trousers are not too gentle. The straight version makes the legs straight. Paired with a cashmere coat that does not reach the knee, it can still be domineering and hold up in various formal occasions. The suit pants that cover the ankles are not that high, so pair them with a pair of stiletto heels to simply and roughly lengthen the vertical proportions, making the temperament of a big woman stronger.

Cashmere coats represent a minimalist dressing trend, which contains the ultimate pursuit of texture and expresses high-end fashion taste. If you want to buy a durable and timeless fashion item, a textured cashmere coat is definitely your best choice.