How to style a silk tank top

In summer, the most refreshing and cool outfit is a silk tank.

It's a pity that many people only use silk tanks as innerwear because they are always worried that wearing them alone will be too sexy and revealing. In fact, the simple style design of the tank is not only cool when worn alone, but also shows off the advantages of the figure better than other types of tops. As long as you learn how to match it, a simple tank can still bring you beauty, elegance and casual style.

So, how to match a silk tank? Learn these 3 tricks and you can easily control a sillk tank.

Sillk tank+jeans/denim skirt

Jeans and denim skirts have always been versatile and are essential items in most girls’ wardrobes. When the sexy silk tank meets the casual denim, there is a clever balance between the two.

Wear a simple white silk tank belt with light-colored denim shorts, which are simple, casual and energetic, and can also take the opportunity to show off a pair of long legs. The combination of a lake blue midriff-baring silk tank and high-waisted denim trousers has clear layers, very elegant and fashionable. This type of slim-fitting silk tank is especially suitable for girls with plump figures. The tight cut makes the upper body slimmer, and the design of the armpits plays a good role in hiding the accessory breasts.

Of course, a hip-covering denim midi skirt is also a good choice. The combination of a silk tank and jeans is probably the most basic outfit choice.

Silk tank + long skirt

This kind of outfit is most suitable for outings and beach vacations. It is fresh, bright, romantic, and especially highlights the inner temperament.

A simple black knitted silk tank paired with a floral long skirt is both sexy and sweet, elegant and casual. This outfit is very summery and can also have a good effect on elongating the body proportions. Even a small person can easily control it by choosing the length that suits him or her.

The bright yellow one-shoulder knitted sling, paired with an orange-yellow hip-covering long skirt, perfectly shows off the curves of the figure and is full of fashion.

Sillk tank+casual pants

I have to say that silk tanks are a versatile must-have item. The main thing is that you choose a silk tank that suits you. The lower body will look good no matter what type of clothing you wear. For example, red ultra-short silk tanks paired with black nine-point pants are sexy and very attractive.

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