Must-Have For Men

Create a wardrobe full of simple, classic, and timeless items, which not only makes you dress decently but also allows you to choose the style that best suits your style from the rich selection and according to the most in elements of the season. You can spend as much money on these items as you want.

When almost every piece of clothing in the wardrobe can be matched at will, this thing can give you a full sense of security. In fact, it means that even if your home is powered off, you can just pull two of them and wear them under the black light. It will also make you look very decent. This is very worthwhile for you who wake up after the alarm clock alarms you ten times in the morning, you who are an hour late for work, and you who were drunk at Sohobar last night and still feel dizzy the next morning.

You should focus on spending money on high-quality clothes. There is no doubt that the price range that everyone can afford is different. So no matter what season or fashion trend, when it comes to basic items that can only be worn for a few years in the wardrobe, it is always the wisest to choose the best in the price range you can afford.

Having said so much above, then I recommend some specific and practical items for everyone.

1 Neutral suits

Regardless of gray or navy blue, the shoulders of the suit jacket must properly wrap your shoulders. At the same time, the waist should be tailored to meet the above two conditions. At the same time, it needs to provide enough space for you to match other clothes in the jacket. Make sure that your shirt can cover your butt, and the length of your shirt sleeves should allow your shirt cuffs to show about half an inch.

2 White formal shirt

In order to find the perfect close-fitting tailoring, first, the shoulder of the shirt should just fit your shoulder, and after the collar button is buttoned, the collar should be able to hold two fingers while ensuring comfort. The length of the sleeve should be such that when it sags naturally, the cuff is just at the joint of your wrist.

Under normal circumstances, we will tuck the shirt into the waistband, so please make sure that the hem of the shirt is long enough so that the hem of the shirt will not come out of the waistband when your hands are raised above your head.

Basically, any item can be paired with a white shirt, so you can pair it with a suit and tie when you go to work or pair it with jeans and a sports jacket when you go to a restaurant for dinner.

3 Slim-fit neutral T-shirt

To be realistic, your wardrobe should be covered with a variety of neutral colors, different styles, and basic slim T-shirts, because they are so versatile.

The hem of this type of T-shirt should be right at the waist, and the cuffs should be right at the middle of the upper arm. Don't have curved edges on both sides.

If I had to choose a T-shirt, I would definitely choose a gray round neck T, because it can be matched with any color in the sun, but some other choices are also good, such as white and navy blue. These T-shirts can not only be casually paired with jeans but also can be worn in suit tops.

4 A few decent boxing shorts/ boxer briefs/ briefs

Whether you like boxing shorts, boxers, or briefs, buy enough underwear that is at least the right size and can be changed every day. In addition, after you wear underwear for three to six months, you can consider replacing some of them. It is recommended to choose underwear made of silk. Natural silk has strong antibacterial properties, can produce a subtle massage effect on the skin, absorb and help remove sweat and secretions on the skin, and keep the private parts fresh and comfortable. Its composition and water content are particularly close to human skin. It is a purely natural skincare protein mask, which makes the private parts healthier.

5 Neutral scarf

The gentleman is always ready with a scarf. If you live in a warm climate, then pure cotton and linen are more suitable for you, it will take away the coolness of the morning and night, and even used to replace your tie.

When the November wind blows, wool and cashmere materials will be more practical. No matter which scarf you choose, please avoid choosing scarves with exaggerated patterns and textures. Instead, look for neutral colors that complement your jackets and sweaters.