Now you can pick and match silk clothes easily

Silk. It's one of the most luxurious fabrics. It is not only beautiful but also versatile. Whether worn from getting off work to the office, for a day or dinner, silk has an elegant yet effortless quality that is very functional. Below, we'll show you how to get the most out of your silk style.

How to choose "silk clothes"?

Silk shirt

In the spring and summer, clothes made of silk fabrics can be called "King Fried", which not only fits the atmosphere of the season very well but also allows us to feel the strong atmosphere of spring in person. Even if it is a very basic and simple silk shirt, it will look very chic and neat when worn by a woman. This kind of low-key and subtle beauty is very in line with femininity.

② Silk wide-leg pants

I believe that every woman will have a pair of wide-leg pants in her closet, but have you ever owned silk wide-leg pants? As the item with the highest rate of daily appearance, once the trousers are paired with silk, they will show a particularly graceful effect. The wide trouser legs and the softness of silk can create a full sense of drape, which is a perfect match with a silk shirt.

Silk dress

No one can refuse a silk dress, right? After all, it is especially easy for women to be tempted by such a gentle, elegant and noble item. Dresses are more integrated, so when we choose, we try to choose silk skirts with suspenders. If your figure allows it, you can wear it alone. If you have arms, you can layer a crisp and stylish suit jacket.

Tips about wearing silk clothes

① Appropriate exposure of skin lines

The most taboo thing to wear with silk fabrics is to be too conservative because silk is synonymous with sexy femininity, if you always wear the clothes wrapped up, or if you don’t reveal an inch of skin, then it is easy to lose the charm of the clothes. For example, if we choose a silk shirt, don’t button up all the buttons, try to wear it open, or tie a knot at the hem, and wear it with V-neck suspenders to be more charming.

② Improve through the embellishment of some accessories

Accessories can be said to be the finishing touch to the overall shape. Generally speaking, items made of silk fabrics are relatively basic and simple. If there are no accessories, the shape will look particularly boring. It's like we match a black silk shirt. If we choose a black skirt for a combination, we must use metal earrings, belts or rings to enhance the highlights of the shape.

③ The matching items must be suitable

In addition to silk dresses, when choosing silk shirts, suspenders, skirts or trousers, you must know how to match other items correctly. Every item of clothing has a complementary relationship. Even if silk is high-end and extravagant, we must know how to match it so that we can release the advantages between women and clothing.