Silk Bedding Benefits

I think that we can all agree that there is nothing like sleeping on fresh sheets. However, the ultimate luxury has to come from sleeping on silk bedding. A luxurious experience isn’t all that silk sheets have to offer, there are actually many health and beauty benefits of sleeping on silk. Let’s take a look at some of the major health benefits that make silk bedding a worthwhile investment. 

Silk is a Natural Product

Being a natural fibre, silk is far more breathable than synthetic ones. Most of the benefits we’ll be discussing beyond this point are related to this property. Natura fibres tend to have a more luxurious feel and bounce. This bouncing property is present in all-natural fibres like silk and wool. The material’s unique, three-dimensional crimp makes it resilient, which helps the fibres behave similar to tiny springs, allowing you to sleep peacefully. This is why natural fibres like silk are a good choice for a more organic lifestyle.

Helps Prevent Overheating

This is one of the most important advantages of the silk bedding. When sleeping under traditional bedding, your body heat and sweat get trapped under the covers. With silk bedding, it’s efficiently vented away due to its breathability.

During sleep, the duvet becoming over warm thanks to trapped heat is a common issue. Silk wicks moisture and heats away twice as fast as cotton, even though cotton can reduce the humidity present in your bed by up to 50%.

A  cover also ensures that there’ll be no static electricity or heat conductivity, making it the perfect choice for solo sleepers as well as partnered ones. This means silk can keep your body at the perfect temperature even on the hottest of nights or retain heat if it gets too cold. The result is a good night’s sleep and waking up feeling fresh.

Gives Unmatched Comfort

One of the most important benefits of any bedding is to give you sound sleep. Silk duvets provide unparalleled comfort, and their light and airy feeling help you sleep soundly. This type of bedding tends to wrap around your body without feeling heavy.

Reduces Allergies

Silk has many health benefits for allergy sufferers, like letting you breathe easier at night. Common dust mite-related allergies, such as asthma and sneezing fits, are caused by the mites’ droppings. When you inhale the enzymes released from these droppings, the allergic reaction begins. Silk is a naturally hypoallergenic fabric. Therefore, allergies can be reduced by the removal of extra moisture as this prevents allergens like dust mites from living in your bed.

Additionally, many people have allergies to cotton or other cheap materials whereas very few people have reported an allergy to silk. Thus, you’ll never wake up sneezing or coughing when sleeping under silk bedding.

Helps in Joint Disorders

As mentioned earlier, silk bedding and duvets tend to drape around your body, moulding around it, which eliminates single points of pressure. Traditional bedding doesn’t; instead it forms a heavier barrier that can cause pain and even irritation. Eliminating single points of pressure is the simplest way to increase your comfort and the quality of sleep.

Decreases Chemical Exposure

We’re exposed to various chemicals all day. Cotton is usually treated with various harsh chemicals to make it resistant to wrinkles and fire. Hence, when sleeping under cotton bedding, these tend to rub against your skin. You also breathe them all night long.

Pure silk bedding reduces your exposure to dangerous chemicals that may be used in other kinds of bedding. It isn’t treated with chemicals as doing so would ruin the fabric’s soft, smooth texture. Silk is naturally wrinkle-free and fire-resistant, so you’re protected against exposure to many of these chemicals.

Aids in Soothing Sore Skin

Silk soothes sore skin by being extremely soft. If you have a rash or sunburn and sleep on silk bedding, the fabric glides over these sore areas. Cotton bedding, on the other hand, catches on uneven and broken skin which can irritate it further. Silk doesn’t chafe and the rash or sunburn has a better chance of healing faster.

For relief from shingles, dry skin and eczema, using silk bedding is a good idea. Not only does silk create much less pressure on your body than cotton, but its tightly woven sheets allow easier movement and less resistance. As mentioned earlier, this fabric eliminates points of contact and drapes over your entire body

The amino acids in silk also help reabsorb moisture naturally. This helps rejuvenate skin and is greatly beneficial for people with skin diseases like eczema.

Improves Your Complexion and Hair

Silk’s smooth and sumptuous texture doesn’t just help improve sore skin but your overall complexion. Since it’s so smooth, it reduces the friction caused by skin, resulting in it looking even and clear.

Even your hair benefits when you sleep in silk bedding. It doesn’t tear when you sleep on a silk pillow which helps give it a healthy shine. A silk pillowcase can help keep your hair soft, moisturized and untangled, preventing damage.

A good night’s rest is essential for the human body to function healthily. By reducing skin irritation, dust mite and allergen growth, and disturbances in heat regulation, silk bedding does exactly that.

Need more reasons to bring silk into your bedroom? Along with the above-mentioned benefits, it will definitely prepare your bed for your best sleep.