Silk cashmere fabric guide

Have you ever bought clothes made of silk and cashmere? People want to stay warm during the chilly winter months while yet looking stylish. Wearing silk cashmere fabric not only makes you look stylish but also keeps you warm.

What is Silk?

Silk is a natural fiber that consists of fibroin, which is the protein some insects secrete to make cocoons. Essentially, fiber is the material these insects produce to make their cocoons and nests.

Mulberry silk is the most common type, which producers derive from Bombyx Mori, a worm that lives on a mulberry tree. This is the silkworm that the industry primarily uses in the commercial production of silks. Mulberry contributes around 90% of the total global raw silk production

What is Cashmere?

Cashmere has a close relationship with Kashmir Shawl. Cashmere first appeared around the 13th century in Kashmir. Europeans started using the fabric in the 18th century. Indian and Iranian rulers were still using it for their ceremonies in the 19th century.

The process involves shearing the fur of Cashmere and Pashmina goats, especially from the underbelly or the neck region. The shearing method is performed in the winter season due to the quality of fur produced during this season. China, Mongolia, and Afghanistan are the largest exporters of Cashmere.

What is silk cashmere fabric?

Silk-cashmere is a blend of real silk and cashmere, so it has the advantage of both silk and cashmere. There is an air layer in the middle of the cashmere fiber, and mulberry silk is a natural animal protein fiber, which belongs to a kind of porous material. It is good at air permeability and moisture absorption as well as smooth, soft and lustrous. The density of the two fibers is very small, and they have good moisture absorption, moisture dissipation and breathability. Silk is bright with soft luster, good at moisture absorption and air permeability, light, smooth and flexible. Meanwhile, cashmere fiber is fine, soft, tough and not easy to fade, which makes it the most suitable for close-fitting wear. Products made of silk cashmere yarn not only retain the soft and high-end nature of cashmere but also overcomes the shortcomings of cashmere products such as being easy to shrink and wrinkle. So wearing such products is more comfortable.

In recent years, it has become very popular in the market. Fashionable new products are especially popular in Western Europe, North America and elsewhere.

Silk cashmere has a variety of proportions, one is 45% cashmere, 55% silk; the other is 15% cashmere, 85% silk. People can choose according to different seasons and personal preferences. It is best to wear silk and cashmere clothing in autumn and winter.

Silk cashmere fabric has a distinct aesthetic appeal. Both demand a labor-intensive and intricate harvesting process and have fine, delicate fibers with their unique metrics.

When you wear silk cashmere fabric, it’s manageable to be warm and look elegant and comfortable. Both fibers give a rich element to your clothing that feels and seems wonderful.

Silk cashmere fabrics deserve their title as luxurious fabrics as they both are incredibly comfortable and wonderful to wear.