Silk panties vs cotton panties, which one is better?

Underwear shopping can be a tedious task with the number of options available in the market. From various fabrics like lace vs nylon, cotton vs silk panties to numerous styles like bikinis, hipsters, etc. the list is never-ending. The biggest debate in the panty world is whether or not cotton panties are better than silk panties as both are deemed as comfortable. Keep on reading to find out!

Silk panties have a number of benefits over cotton panties. They have less friction than pure cotton, have high breathability, high moisture absorption and release, and natural protein molecules. It is especially suitable for those who have high requirements for underwear. let’s explore 3 amazing benefits of silk panties.

1. Breathability, with the function of absorbing and releasing moisture

Compared with silk underwear, pure cotton underwear has a fatal flaw: it is not good at absorbing and releasing moisture. At the same time, mulberry silk is rich in protein fiber and contains 18 kinds of amino acids that are beneficial to the human body. Its moisture absorption and breathability are also much higher than cotton. Silk's hygroscopicity and hygroscopicity are 1.5 times that of pure cotton, and it can automatically adjust humidity. When relatively moist, silk absorbs and disperses quickly. Silk can also release moisture when it is relatively dry. This is also why it’s so cool to wear silk in the summer! It can be adjusted.

Silk can absorb sweat well without being sticky. Underwear, the part that wraps the private parts, should not be stuffed. It must have a good breathable environment to prevent bacteria from growing.

2. High comfort and skin-friendly players

100% sericulture silk, commonly known as real silk, is made of protein fiber. It has a smooth and delicate surface and a soft texture. 87% of its ingredients are the same as our skin structure. It has excellent compatibility with human skin, so people who are prone to allergies can wear real silk. Not likely to have allergies. Its light texture gives people zero sense of pressure and will not be affected even if it is worn while sleeping.

3. Temperature regulation

Whatever the season, silk is a wonderful fabric for adapting to your temperature. When there’s a winter chill in the air, it provides excellent insulation, allowing for warm air to be kept close to your skin, while still having the breathability to avoid uncomfortable overheating. In the height of summer, when you just want to keep cool and fresh, silk is your best friend. As well as all of the benefits of breathability already mentioned, the natural temperature regulating properties and heat dispersal makes it the ideal layer to have closest to your body. A silk bralette and panty under your outfit avoids that uncomfortable, sticky feeling that comes from many synthetic materials; and a silk slip makes the perfect option for sleeping or lounging at home on hot summer nights.

Silk panties are a great choice for anyone who wants to feel comfortable, confident, and sexy. It’s a luxurious fabric that adds a touch of elegance to any lingerie collection.