Silk Underwear Benefits & Buying Guide

Whether it’s for underwear or loungewear, silk is the go-to fabric for many brands, ourselves included. But just what is it that makes silk so special and keeps you coming back for more?

First, a quick definition – silk is often used interchangeably, but they are in fact completely different descriptors. Silk is a fiber, or what the fabric is made of, created by silkworms, and it comes in many forms, each with its own characteristics. Silk chiffon, for example, is light and airy, with sheer transparency, whereas silk dupion is heavy and opaque, and often used in curtains or interior fabrics.

silk is the name of the weave, and can be made from various different fibers – sometimes those are silk, other times polyester or other synthetic materials, or with either of those blended with elastane for extra stretch. silk is smooth and soft to touch, with a luminous sheen. This makes it the perfect textile for underwear, being both lightweight and opaque, with a luscious soft feel next to the skin.

We use 100% pure silk for all of our loungewear, and several of our underwear collections too, with a touch of stretch added to others, were needed for the perfect fit. We’ll just be using “silk” in this article for the sake of simplicity, but for the purposes of our garments, it will generally refer to silk. 

So, let’s dive into some of the many benefits of wearing silk, whether for luxury silk underwear or in decadent robe form and why we love it so much:

1. They’re hypoallergenic

Silk panties are hypoallergenic, or very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction, because of their natural protein structure and smooth texture. In addition, it doesn’t need to be treated with harsh chemicals to achieve its look or feel. So for those of us with sensitive skin, there’s no need to worry about a potential irritation resulting from silk underwear.


2. Silk is an all-season fabric

Silk is a versatile fabric that can be comfortably worn all year round, no matter the temperature. Silk keeps you warm in the winter by insulating you from the cold, and cool in the summer as it is an extremely lightweight and breathable fabric. With its moisture wicking qualities, the silk regulates your body’s temperature throughout the day for a comfortable experience. 


3. They’re ideal for rocking pajamas

There’s nothing more satisfying on a night in than getting all snuggled up in luxurious silk undergarments, and then indulging in junk food while catching up on your favorite Netflix show. We would even go so far as to argue that it’s easier to relax in a fabric that’s as soft as silk.

4. They’re fit for a queen

Silk panties will make you feel like royalty. Up until the 20th century, silk material was strictly reserved for the upper class. Only the royal family and aristocracy had the honor of wearing this luxurious fabric. Now that we commoners can don the fabric as well, we should certainly take advantage of the privilege!  


5. They hug your curves

Put on a couple of pounds over the holidays? Never fear! One of the best qualities of silk fabric is that it’s naturally elastic. Silk fibers can stretch up to 20% of their length and not break. Silk underwear also retains its shape very well and resists wrinkling better than most fabrics. So no matter what shape you’re in, silk panties will always be there for you.


6. They shimmer and shine

You’ll glow in silk underwear. Natural silk fiber has a natural luster that only enhances the appearance of your most personal assets. Wikipedia attributes this luminosity to the “triangular prism-like structure of silk fiber, which allows silk cloth to refract incoming light at different angles.” Whatever the cause, we love how silk highlights our favorite features.  


7. They’re timeless

No matter the decade, silk is one of those materials that will make you feel like royalty and has always been in fashion. Whilst being able to quite literally stand the test of time, silk has been one of those materials that have been passed down through families for generations, staying smooth and soft throughout the years. It is a classic staple piece to have in your collection, and silk underwear will always make you feel like you are dressed in luxury. 


8. They’re ideal for rocking the boardroom

Yes, we know. It might sound like we’re contradicting ourselves, but we can’t help how versatile this fabric is! Silk panties are just as appropriate for days in the office as they are for cozy nights in. They’re so comfortable you’ll feel like a goddess and they’re lightweight enough to be invisible under your work pants, skirt or dress.


9. Most importantly, because you deserve it

If you’ve made it this far, it’s safe to say you care a lot about your underwear. (But in all honesty, shouldn’t everyone?) With all the benefits of silk in mind, you don’t need to make up any excuses to treat yourself with a pair of silk panties. Show your body the love it deserves by treating yourself to quality underwear.

From its shimmer and shine to its ability to be worn in any kind of weather, silk underwear is incomparable. This unique fabric is fashioned from natural protein fibers that are produced by silkworms. It’s rare, luxurious, and softer than any other material you can find. These are all reasons why every woman deserves to indulge in a pair of silk panties. 

How to identify pure silk underwear 

There are plenty of alternatives or imitations of silk products on the market now. But not everyone knows that the naturalness of silk can be quickly and easily determined:

  • The silk is burning. As in the case of cotton, one of the obvious ways to determine the naturalness of the fabric is to experiment with the thread of the product. Silk, at the very least, burns and does not smolder, and does not smell like burnt plastic.
  • The stiffness of the fabric. Natural silk products are distinguished by their high rigidity, they cannot be torn by hand.
  • Silk does not wrinkle. Products made of real silk do not wrinkle due to the elasticity of the fibers.
  • Silk warm. Natural silk fabric can only refresh the first few seconds on the body, and then it will return the heat to your body.

Silk underwear Care Tips

Silk underwear can last a very long time if you take care of it properly. Here are our tips on how to take care of your new underwear at home. 

  • Never spot-treat silk. Wash the entire garment.
  • Wash by hand by filling a clean sink or small tub with water. If the garment’s label says it can be machine-washed, use a delicate cycle with gentle detergent.
  • Handle your items with care. Do not hang-dry silk or wring silk dry, as silk can lose shape easily.
  • Do not put silk in the dryer. Instead, hang silk underwear to dry. They will hold their shape.

Our Favorite Silk Lingerie Styles

1. Classic 100% Silk Panties 5-Pack

Mulberry silk is a perfect material for lingerie. It is the finest, most sumptuous silk money can buy and is the only fabric that inherently doesn't harbor dust mites, mold, allergens, or fungus due to its hypoallergenic properties. The touch of silk panties is soft and gentle. Its clipping fits the human body well and it is the best care for women's health.

2. Basic High Waist Silk Panties 3-Pack

The panties are made of silk material, which is comfortable, breathable, and fits the curve of the hips. The stitches are neat and skin-friendly. Natural silk has strong bacteriostasis and can produce a subtle massage effect on the skin, absorbing and helping to remove the sweat and secretions on the skin, keeping the private part clean and comfortable.

3. Silk Bikini Panties Solid Glorious Style

Silk panties are extremely hygroscopic, because the amino element in them is called fibrin, and because of their porosity, it is easy to distribute water. It can maintain a certain amount of moisture in the skin at room temperature so that the skin is not easy to dry. Especially in summer, mulberry silk can help you dissipate heat in your body and absorb sweat on the surface of your body.

4. Seamless Ultrathin Low Waist Bowtie Silk Panties

Silk panties are moisture-absorbing and breathable. The unique structure of silk fiber can realize the dual functions of moisture absorption and perspiration, and ensure the dryness of the skin.

5. Sexy Wide Cover Silk Panties

Because of the unique nature of silk fiber, silk panties will have a pearl-like luster. This intuitive feeling is first of all grace and luxury. Coupled with the soft characteristics of silk, silk underwear looks more self-cultivating but does not appear tight. The most important point is that real silk can be made very thin, and it can be truly seamless from the outside.

6. High-Cut Silk Panties Mid Waist Breathable Collection

The silk panties are made from the best silkworm cocoons, and the production process is even more cumbersome so that the protein and amino acids contained in the silk can be retained to the greatest extent, that is, the "sericin" of silk. Sericin has good antibacterial and antibacterial effects and has natural immunity to mites, bacteria, etc. It will not smell when worn frequently, and can effectively prevent gynecological diseases


Can silk underwear be worn?

It is impossible to unequivocally answer this question since on the one hand silk is a good material due to its durability, visual appeal, shape stability, and comfort, however, doctors advise women to wear silk underwear for special occasions, since silk, like synthetics, does not allow air to pass through as well as cotton, which increases the risk of infection.

Is silk better than cotton for underwear?

Many women's health experts advise wearing cotton underwear as it does not retain moisture, which is beneficial for women's health and cotton underwear is cheaper. But there is nothing wrong with wearing silk underwear to cheer yourself up sometimes.

How to choose the right silk underwear

In order to choose the right silk underwear, it is worth deciding on the reason for choosing underwear, taking into account the size and body type, making sure of the quality of the linen, and also focusing on its appearance.