The 6 Biggest Silk Sleepwear Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Silk is a sign of luxury, and it has been used in sleepwear for centuries. It’s a fabric that was preserved for kings and queens. Luckily, anyone can enjoy it these days, especially in the form of sleepwear.

Silk sleepwear is the most comfortable sleepwear, mainly because of the softness and comfort the silk fabric offers. Also, it’s all pure and natural, so good for your skin and also the environment. However, it does require a bit more attention to avoid some mistakes when you pick up them. We summarize the 6 biggest aspects, let’s take a look.


You won't get those nightly snoozes if you're constantly turning, fussing over the collars, popping the buttons and stretching out the elastic. To avoid that, keep in mind what you want in your sleepwear: do you want pockets? Buttons? Collars or round necks? Check if the elastic feels too restricted or if it has drawstrings to tie the pants in place. Your pajamas will be part of your sleeping routine, and comfort is your top priority. 

Pyjama Fabric

Pajamas are made from different materials, some of them in mixed varieties, and you can select which fabric suits your lifestyle. Cotton is a common material because it is lightweight and breathable. Keep in mind, however, that this fabric does not insulate heat very well; it can lower your body temperature during colder weather. Flannel is popular for its warmth, but it cannot be worn in warmer settings due to its heavy composition. One of the best options is silk. Made from natural fiber, this material balances the body temperature in both cool and warm climates. The satiny material glides on your skin and gives off a luxurious element in your sleepwear. Make an investment and purchase pajamas that would not irritate your skin.


When buying online, take time to view the size chart and make sure you've checked the measurements before purchasing. Since women have different body types, you may want to select pajama styles that will complement your body. Apple types will look good in high-waisted bottoms. Pear types should take the opposite route. Our tip: silk pajamas fall snugly on the body and can fit any silhouette. 

Sleepwear Style

Who says you have to ditch style for your sleepwear? With so many fashionable prints and patterns, your pajamas can reflect your personality in different ways. Be classy and choose the solid-toned coordinates. Or enjoy the burst of colors and patterns in fun geometric shapes for a youthful twist. Choose it so you can wear it outside too. 


Invest in pajamas that will stay with you for a long time; something that wouldn't easily wear off or go out of style. How to determine which garment will endure over time? Inspect the entire make, especially the seams and ends where the thread usually frays. Avoid synthetic materials and at best, choose handmade. Handmade items are given more attention than mass-produced pieces; each garment is carefully checked to perfection. With this, you can enjoy your purchase for as long you could.


You don’t have to be locked in one style; instead of purchasing coordinates, buy separate tops and bottoms or mix and match it with your other sleepwear. And no, your pajamas don’t have to stay indoors. You can add versatility to this wardrobe by reusing the top as a regular blouse. Silk pajamas for women have become a contemporary trend, and you too can join the fashionable bunch by pairing it with casual jeans or skirts on your day out. Our suggestion: select ones that come with modern prints or solid tones for an elegant charm.


How you use your clothes has a direct impact on their life. We’ve all heard that washing clothes, again and again, can damage their fibers and fade their color. This is somewhat true, especially if you use washing machines and dryers. However, wearing clothes for a long time without washing them can also damage them. 

Silk, in particular, is sensitive to the electrolytes in your sweat. Although a cool fabric in summer, it absorbs moisture readily. So if you sweat too much and don’t wash it, you may see color fading or yellowing, especially on solid pajamas. 

The best way to take care of silk is to Hand Washing. Hand washing silk is our recommended mode of cleaning silk. Almost all silk can be hand washed (and would not shrink if the silk fabric were pre-shrunk before sewing)

Now that you know how to choose your silk pajamas, pick one and keep enjoying them for a long time!