The person who enjoys the most is sleeping on silk

Long-term use of silk bedding is not only helpful for sleep, but also helps moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, and is good for the skin. When sleeping, drape your hair on the silk to help care for and nourish your hair.

Silk has the reputation of "human second skin". It is composed of protein fibers and contains 18 kinds of amino acids required by the human body. It is almost the same as the amino acids contained in human skin. It can enhance the vitality of skin cells on the body surface and help skin metabolism. It keeps the skin moisturized and smooth and has a good auxiliary treatment effect on certain skin diseases.

Sleeping with a silk pillowcase for a long time can not only reduce the friction between the hair and the pillowcase, improve the roughness of the hair and make the hair shinier but also reduce the wrinkles caused by facial squeezing and friction.

The texture of the silk fabric is smooth and delicate, and the friction coefficient with the human body is only 7.4%. When the skin touches the silk, it will feel soft and delicate, which is very enjoyable.

Silk fabrics have good moisture absorption and air permeability, as well as the function of regulating body temperature and moisture. Therefore, silk fabrics have a cool touch and will give people a special sense of pleasure. It will be very smooth and comfortable to use in spring and summer. Not sticky, not stuffy, and sweaty. Silk bedding also has a good effect on promoting sleep.

Today, when women pay more and more attention to their beauty, we can often hear such words among female friends: The more you sleep, the more beautiful you are. It is true that beauty comes out of sleep. Good sleep is the most cost-effective beauty product. Many health problems are caused by lack of sleep, especially for women, sleep is often as important as diet. Sleeping well is the real beauty, and why we say silk comforter is important to sleep.

With the increasing pressure of modern life and work, people's irregular work and rest are becoming more and more serious. This is very difficult for people to fall asleep, and the quality of sleep is reduced, and the lack of deep sleep will cause the skin to lose its bright luster. Many people have this experience. For a period of time, work and rest on time. During this time, the skin condition is very good, clean, and delicate, and the complexion is also ruddy and shiny; but after working overtime or partying at night, the complexion will definitely appear dull. When this kind of experience increased, I owed a "sleep debt" as well as a "beauty debt." At a certain level, "not waking up" may be due to too much "sleep debt". So how do people ensure their sleep in daily life? The following suggestions will help improve your sleep status.

In terms of a quilt, just don't add a burden to the body. Should choose a light texture and good heat preservation, such as silk comforter. Covering a few heavy quilts for fear of cold can cause poor blood circulation. In cold areas, indoor suction equipment should be properly used instead of heavy quilts.

The endocrine of the human body and the activities of various organs have a certain day and night law. This biological rhythm regulates various physiological activities of the human body so that people are full of energy during the day and sleep well at night. Sometimes sleepless at night, and sometimes uncontrolled long-term sleep will disrupt the rhythm of the body's biological clock, causing abnormalities in the endocrine fungus, leading to lack of energy, low mood, affecting normal work and life, and also a direct cause of "the more you sleep, the more tired". Not sleeping, sleeping less or drowsiness are irregular work and rest, not only will not get more and more beautiful, but also affect your mood, energy, and even harm your health. At this time, a high-quality silk comforter is needed. Take care of the sleep.

Many health problems are caused by lack of sleep, especially for women, sleep is often as important as diet. Sleeping well is the real beauty.