Tips for choosing thermal underwear

When looking for thermal underwear, you must consider a few factors that make that underwear function properly. If the garment does not meet the minimal requirements, it will not keep you warm and regulate your body heat as they were intended to do. A good way to prevent this is by following these tips for choosing the warmest thermal underwear. Doing so will ensure you remain comfortable and warm all winter long without exposing yourself to the elements or potentially becoming ill.

1. Pay attention to fabrics

Since it is close-fitting clothing, the quality of the fabric directly determines the comfort of thermal underwear. Therefore, when consumers purchase thermal underwear, they must first look at the fabric.

At present, the main fabrics of thermal underwear include silk, wool, modal, acrylic, spandex, nylon, combed cotton, pure cotton, etc. Among them, silk and wool fabrics are soft and silky, breathable and moisture-permeable, warm but not dry, and are mainly targeted at high-end consumer groups. Modal is comfortable to wear, acrylic fabric has good warmth retention, spandex fabric has high elasticity, nylon fiber has good wear resistance, and pure cotton has good breathability. For people prone to skin allergies, it is best to choose thermal underwear made of pure cotton.

2. Pay attention to the feel

High-quality thermal underwear uses microfiber weaving in the middle insulation layer, which is soft and comfortable. When kneaded by hand, it feels smooth and has no foreign body feeling. It is very suitable for close-fitting wear, comfortable and warm.

3. Pay attention to flexibility

Elasticity is an important indicator when purchasing thermal underwear. Thermal underwear with little or no elasticity will easily hinder the movement of the limbs after wearing it. With the continuous advancement of production technology, the addition of the new raw material Lycra gives thermal underwear the characteristics of super elasticity and softness. It feels good when worn on the body and allows the joints to move freely. When purchasing thermal underwear, you can judge its elasticity by observing its Lycra content.

4. Pay attention to the size

When many women choose thermal underwear, in order to avoid bloating, they will choose a tighter style or choose a smaller size. In fact, if the elasticity of the thermal underwear is not very strong and you choose a smaller size, your upper body will have a strong sense of restraint. In addition, thermal underwear made of some materials is easy to shrink after washing, so it is recommended to buy a slightly larger size when purchasing thermal underwear, and the thermal insulation effect will be better.

5. Pay attention to the warmth retention rate

The thermal insulation rate is an important indicator to measure the quality of thermal underwear. According to the implementation standards of "Knitted Thermal Underwear" organized by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, thermal underwear is divided into three categories: superior products, first-class products and qualified products. The thermal insulation rate of generally qualified products shall not be less than 30%. If it is lower If it is less than 30%, it is a substandard product. Therefore, everyone must pay more attention to the thermal insulation rate when buying thermal underwear.

In addition to the above points, do not wear thermal underwear for your children. Children have a strong metabolism and are prone to sweating. If their parents are not around and do not change clothes in time, they may easily get sick.

The above are some tips on purchasing thermal underwear. Have you learned it?