Tips for wearing a cashmere coat

Cashmere coats generally have a simple design, but simple items make people feel more difficult to control, because if you don't handle it well, it will destroy the sense of luxury, which makes many women feel distressed when wearing cashmere coats. In fact, it is not that difficult to wear the texture of a cashmere coat. You can do it easily by following the following 5 points when matching.

Length: Cashmere coats that are above the knees and below the ankles are the most common and can best express the temperament of cashmere coats. They do not weigh down your height and cover your flesh. An ankle-length cashmere coat will be more elegant, but it is more suitable for tall women. In addition, the cashmere coat should not completely cover the matching trousers to express a sense of luxury and layering.

The color is stylish: the color with calm temperament is more suitable for the texture of cashmere coat. Low-saturation colors such as earth tones and black and white are safe colors that can be worn by all skin tones and body types. The overall tone should not be too jumping and the saturation should be lower to bring out the texture of the cashmere coat. Colors that are too bright and vulgar, such as rose red and bright purple, are taboo when wearing a cashmere coat.

Keep in mind when tightening your waist: a strappy cashmere coat allows you to maintain good body proportions at all times. Wrapping it up in a cashmere coat will block all the cold winds in autumn and winter and avoid the bloated and sloppy feeling caused by loose lines. It’s okay to wear the cashmere coat open. It’s OK to wear it with a belt or tuck the corners to highlight the waistline.

Use tassel scarves for embellishment: Because the overall coverage area of a cashmere coat is large, we must pay attention to some details when matching it. If you are afraid that the outfit is too monotonous, you can try some scarves to match. How to tie a scarf , style and color are top priority. It is recommended that when matching a cashmere coat, you should try to use a casual and lazy tying method to echo the coat's schedule.

If you want to dress up with an intellectual and elegant scarf, hanging it directly around the neck is also a good way. At this time, the elegance and agility of the tassel elements can be greatly demonstrated. This is often done in the hanging style. When it comes to clothing, the overall matching must have a sense of drape. From the choice of trousers to the style of cashmere coat, these are all key.

The layering technique brings out the beauty of layers: In the cold winter, the layering rule must be the most common outfit. This dressing technique often pays great attention to the complementary advantages between items, from the complementarity of fabrics to the color. The complementarity and complementation of dressing advantages can enhance women's fashionable atmosphere. A coffee-colored cashmere coat is layered with a denim jacket, and then paired with a high-collar black bottoming shirt. An intellectual and fashionable atmosphere instantly hits the face.

If you want to layer it without looking bulky, then a close-fitting turtleneck bottoming shirt must be a must-have. Secondly, the second item should be loose and moderate to avoid overly heavy matching. You can choose some thin shirts appropriately. knitted vest, and sweater cardigan to match. For light colors, combine it with a white turtleneck bottoming shirt, and for dark colors, combine it with a black turtleneck bottoming shirt. At this time, matching the coat is particularly easy.