Tips on how to pick real silk pajamas

Silk pajamas are not only smooth to the touch, sweat-absorbing and breathable but also have natural antibacterial and mite-removing properties. There is no sticky feeling in spring and summer, and no static electricity in autumn and winter. It is rich in amino acids beneficial to the human body and can maintain the skin. How to buy silk, we summarize and sort out some experiences to share with you:

1. What does silk contain

Silkworms spit out silk from whatever leaves they eat, so mulberry silk is silk spit from silkworms that eat mulberry leaves, and mulberry silk is a kind of real silk. Not all silk materials have that shiny texture. The silk we often hear about are crepe chine, georgette, floral, veil, plain crepe, pearl satin and so on.

2. What is Momme

Momme is a unit of silk thickness, the larger the momme, the thicker the silk fabric. The greater the weight, the more silk raw materials and the higher the cost. Silk scarves and handkerchiefs often use 12 momme silk (thin and light); bed sheets, quilt covers, and curtains often use silk above 19 momme (with a drape); shirts and short sleeves often use 16 momme silk (Cool); silk pajamas are usually 19 momme in summer, and 22 momme in autumn and winter.

3. Identification of silk

Synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester, viscose superfine filaments and special-shaped filaments can be made into imitation silk, which is enough to confuse real ones. It is difficult to judge its authenticity by seeing and touching it. Silk has the smell of burning feathers when it is burned, it is difficult to continue burning, and it will self-extinguish. Ashes are brittle, brittle, fluffy, and black. When rayon is burned, it smells like burnt paper mixed with chemicals. It burns very fast. The ashes are ash-free except for those without light, with a small amount of gray-black ash in between.

Here are a few tips for choosing silk pajamas:

  1. Fabric: Look at the thickness of the fabric, which is the momme number. The larger the number, the thicker the fabric, but not the thicker the better. For example, silk pajamas are generally made of 16-19 momme. If it is too thick, it will be uncomfortable to wear when sleeping. Pajamas with too low momme numbers are prone to snags and holes.
  1. Color: cool color > warm color, the color tends to be a light color, which has the effect of calming the eyes and calming the mind.
  1. Washing: It is not advisable to rub rough items or wash them with a washing machine for a long time. Immerse the clothes in cold water for 5-10 minutes, rinse with special silk detergent and do not rub hard. The colored silk garments can be rinsed repeatedly in clean water. If the washing machine has a silk or cashmere mode, remember to put it in a laundry bag and turn on the wrinkle function. Deep and shallow, do not use warm water! Do not rub hard! Gently squeeze out the water with your hands or a towel, and dry in the shade;
  1. Size: The size of pajamas should be large rather than small. Sleeping is the most relaxing moment of the day. The focus of pajamas is of course the comfortable state. When choosing silk pajamas, choose clothes that are 2-4 cm larger than your usual clothes, which will not only be comfortable but also not damage the protein fibers of mulberry silk.

Silk pajamas are complicated to make, so you get what you pay for. As long as the high-quality silk is properly maintained, it will not wrinkle after a long time of use, and it does not have the old feeling of washing like pure cotton products. It still has texture and luster.