Underwear fabrics overview

Buying or making your ideal undergarment involves more than just getting the size and style right. As something that stays very intimate with you, you have to dwell a little more carefully as to what fabric your underwear is made of. In this guide, we’ll give you a brief talk about the knowledge of underwear fabrics.

  1. Mesh: Other names include mesh, mesh, mesh cloth, etc. It is a relatively thin plain weave fabric, most of which are warp-knitted textiles. The mesh is made of spandex, and the effect of four-sided elasticity is better. Good, and its air permeability is very good. It is known as "breathing fabric". It can be washed by hand, machine and dry. Be especially careful with mesh fabrics
  2. Cotton: Cotton is extracted from natural fabric fibers. It is pure natural, healthy to wear, breathable and comfortable, moisture-absorbing and sweat-absorbing, and easy to dye and print. There are also disadvantages~ the elasticity is relatively poor, and it is slightly rough and easy to deform, shrink and wrinkle after washing.
  3. Bamboo fiber: divided into raw bamboo fiber, bamboo pulp fiber, and bamboo charcoal fiber. It is extracted from bamboo as a raw material through a process. It has good air permeability and can absorb a large amount of water instantly. It has antibacterial, anti-mite, anti-ultraviolet, etc. Efficacy, but it is not advisable to rub and wring vigorously. It is recommended to dry naturally and vertically to avoid being picked up by sharp objects.
  4. Spandex: I like the feeling of being wrapped in cotton. It is an elastic fiber used to meet the comfort of stretch fabrics. It feels smooth, wear-resistant and alkali-resistant, and is not easy to wrinkle. use
  5. Nylon: Lightweight and quick-drying texture, the advantages are high strength, good wear resistance and resilience, the disadvantage is poor moisture absorption, generally not used alone
  6. Modal: super soft, high elasticity, bright color, anti-wrinkle and good air permeability, made of beech pulp, stable performance, softer with washing, stronger moisture absorption than rayon, but not sun-resistant, soft Soft, poor profile.
  7. Viscose fiber: Many people say that viscose fiber is harmful to health. Today, let’s justify its name. Viscose fiber has a super antistatic function, which will not make people feel sticky, and it is also the most suitable for human skin. Physiological needs, soft, smooth and cool, breathable, antistatic, etc., because it is made of viscose, it is relatively heavy, and it is easy to wrinkle and shrink if it is squeezed or rubbed vigorously. Nowadays, many underwear and other personal items have this kind of composition, just choose the fabric and wear it with confidence.
  8. Mulberry silk: the pursuit of quality life, soft to the touch. Glossy, close-fitting and comfortable, extracted from natural animal protein fibers, known as the "second skin" of the human body, has good hygroscopicity, but the disadvantage is that it has poor color-fixing ability, needs to be protected from light, and needs to be well cared for by gentle kneading at low temperature or dry cleaning.