What are exquisite life must-haves for women Over 40?

When it comes to fashion over 40, there are some basic pieces every woman over 40 should own in their wardrobe. These pieces are classic, timeless, and appropriate.

Now is the time you can be super picky about your wardrobe and choose which items to invest in versus always following the trends.

You’ve earned it so find clothes you love and wear items that make you feel comfortable and confident.

These basics are a great starting block to make sure you have in your closet.

1. Silk nightgown

The comfort of a silk nightgown is unmatched by other fabrics. Silk is a natural fiber with a soft touch, high gloss and good air permeability, which can allow the body to breathe fully and avoid excessive sweating.

At the same time, silk nightgowns also have excellent thermal performance, which can maintain the temperature of the body in spring and autumn, so that you can feel warm and comfortable during sleep. The gloss and texture of the silk nightgown are very high. Wearing it can not only make people feel a noble temperament and taste at home.

2. Silk dress

The so-called silk dress, as the name suggests, generally refers to clothing made of silk fabrics. Silk dresses have many style advantages that cannot be replaced by other clothing. The silk material usually has a high-grade luster, so it can brighten the complexion of the face to a certain extent. At the same time, the silk fabric has a delicate feel and is comfortable and unrestricted to wear. It can always show the mature and gorgeous aura of a middle-aged woman.

3. Cashmere sweater

A cashmere sweater adds an instant feeling of luxury to even your most casual outfits, making it perfect to add to your essentials. Pair it with jeans and ankle booties, or you could wear it with a leather or pleated skirt for the evening.

4. Power blazer

A woman in a blazer means power, sophistication, and polish. Invest in a great neutral blazer like black, grey, or navy that you can wear for work and on the weekends.

5. Trench coat

There can be a few pieces of outerwear that are as iconic as the trench coat. Developed as an alternative to the heavy coats worn by soldiers in the First World War, a trench adds an instant touch of class to any outfit, even if you’re simply wearing jeans and a white shirt. The shape itself is a classic and you could opt for the traditional beige shade or you could opt for a different color.

6. Silk or lightweight scarf

A scarf will allow you to add pizzazz to an otherwise fairly plain outfit.

Just think how much more stylish a simple pair of jeans and a tee could look with the addition of a scarf.

Opting for a lightweight scarf will bring extra luxury to your outfits during warmer months or choose a heavier option for winter. Choose a color that is flattering for your skin and hair tone.

I want to emphasize again that these tips on how to dress after 40 are not set in stone and it’s up to you to decide what works best for you. But if you want to look young and hip, then these guidelines can certainly help.

The more you understand your body and your style, the more you can break these rules as you please.