What is Xiangyunsha silk?

Xiangyunsha, commonly known as ranunculus silk, is a kind of expensive silk fabric made by coating the mulberry silk fabric with the juice of the characteristic plant yam from Guangdong and then covering the mud of the rivers and ponds with minerals specific to the Pearl River Delta region. It is a high-end clothing fabric, and its price is relatively expensive, so it is also called "soft gold". What are the advantages of the Xiangyunsha fabric, and how to wash it?

Xiangyunsha is the only silk fabric dyed with pure plant dyes in textiles in the world. The yarn production process is unique, the quantity is scarce, and the production time is long. It has the characteristics of being cool and pleasant, light and soft, quick-drying in water, rich in sterilization, deodorization, repelling insects, and having a health care effect on the skin. Xiangyunsha has many advantages. It is very refreshing and moist, has good sun and washing fastness, strong water resistance, easy to wash and dry, deep color and dirt resistance, non-stick to the skin, light and thin, not easy to wrinkle, durable, suitable for hot For summer wear.

It is an all-natural raw material. In addition to the natural raw material, the dye of the fragrant cloud yarn is also natural. It is made of a cloth woven from silk after a series of manual and pollution-free processing processes. The entire process does not emit pollutants. , Xiangyunsha is an environmentally friendly fabric.

Xiangyunsha silk washing and maintenance skills:

  • This type of clothing is not allowed to be machine-washed, otherwise, it will seriously damage the fabric fibers and greatly shorten the life of the clothing. Remember to control the strength when washing by hand and use the main silk detergent to clean it. Whether it is an acidic or alkaline detergent, the protein of the fabric will deteriorate, and the clothes will become yellow and hard after drying.
  • When airing, turn the clothes upside down. Do not expose them to the sun, otherwise, it will damage the fabric. You don’t need to wring it out after washing. You can dry it flat in a cool place. Drying on a hanger will easily cause the fabric to deform.
  • It is best not to spray perfume when wearing Xiangyunsha clothing, do not place mothballs when storing, and do not mix with other clothes when washing.
  • The Xiangyunsha fabric can be ironed, but do not touch the iron soleplate directly with the clothes. It should be ironed at a warm temperature in steam. The ironing distance should be kept at about 1cm, otherwise, wrinkles will appear.

Because the spinning and processing process of Xiangyunsha silk is relatively complicated, it generally only appears in high-end clothing. This kind of "Chinese style" clothing is very popular in Europe and the United States.