What's the best way to store cashmere sweaters?

If you were asked to name the most delicate fabrics in your closet, materials like silk, cashmere, lace, and velvet would likely come to mind.

And common sense tells us that any of those fabrics need to be washed differently than other clothes because of their fragility. But have you considered that they may need to be stored differently as well?

Delicate fabrics, especially luxury items like cashmere, require special care to maintain the luscious softness and reliable durability of their fine, natural fibers.

So, in this post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about properly storing your favorite cashmere pieces.

Before storing cashmere sweaters, they must be washed (soaked in shampoo or cashmere-specific detergent for 5 minutes, washed gently, and washed several times with clean water), ironed, and dried before storage. This can reduce the conditions and scope of mold borer activity, and can also kill insects and sterilize.

When storing cashmere sweaters, fold them in bags and lay them flat. It should not be hung to avoid hanging and deformation, and it should be avoided to be mixed with other items in the same bag to prevent fading. Cashmere products stored in cashmere sweaters contain a lot of natural protein, so be careful to keep them out of the light. It should be regularly ventilated, shaded, dusted and dampened, and should not be exposed to the sun. Since cashmere is a natural fiber, it is easily damaged by insects. In order to prevent this, when storing cashmere sweaters, cashmere products that have been dried should be sealed and stored in clean plastic bags after drying. You can put mothballs, but the smell is a bit unpleasant.

The key to preserving cashmere sweaters is "drying". The amount of mothballs or desiccant should not be too much, as long as there is a slight smell. When storing cashmere sweaters, not only must the storage environment be dry, but the cashmere sweaters themselves must also be completely dry before they can be put into the cabinet. They must not tolerate a little moisture.

In addition to these, you also need to pay attention to daily wear.

If a cashmere sweater is worn continuously for more than 10 to 15 days, it should be given a "rest" and it is best to wear several pieces in rotation. Do not rub against hard or rough objects, such as belts, watches, etc. It is not advisable to hang pens and other items in the inner pockets of men's jackets to avoid local wear and pilling of the cashmere sweater. In addition to pilling caused by improper wearing or friction with hard objects, some loose fibers will fall off or become tangled together after wearing the clothes a few times, forming pilling. This is completely normal. Even the best quality cashmere sweaters will have a moderate amount of pilling when first worn. After the clothes appear to have pilling, do not pull them with your hands. The correct method is to use scissors to gently cut off the pompoms after washing. After several washings, some loose fibers will fall off. The pilling phenomenon of clothing will gradually disappear.