Where can i buy silk g strings

People tend to be pretty divided on the barely-there underwear. Word on the street is the visible thong might be making a comeback, but many refuse to entertain the reemergence of the fashion faux pas. Even if you would never consider letting your G-string see the light of day, it’s worth stocking your top drawer with smooth, seamless thongs that will take up little room and get plenty of wear.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to make a statement or just trying to get a thong that lies flat under your favorite leggings, comfort reigns supreme in the intimate department. Silk g strings are arguably the best feeling underwear in the world. They are airy and they promote a little added confidence below the waist. Sliding these drawers on in the morning is a great feeling. These are the best silk g string feel as amazing as they look.

Silk Panties Tangas Sexy Style

Natural silk has strong bacteriostasis and can produce a subtle massage effect on the skin, absorbing and helping to remove the sweat and secretions on the skin, keeping the private part clean and comfortable.

String Silk Panties Sexy Lace Collection 2-Pack

Extremely soft and comfortable, this silk g string with delicate lace details, creates an elegant look and a sense of sexy. In two gorgeous colors, this is one indulgence you'll want to wear every day!

Low Waist Men's Silk Thongs

The silk underwear is made from the best silkworm cocoons, and the production process is even more cumbersome so that the protein and amino acids contained in the silk can be retained to the greatest extent, that is, the "sericin" of silk. Sericin has good antibacterial and antibacterial effects and has natural immunity to mites, bacteria, etc. It will not smell when worn frequently, and can effectively prevent gynecological diseases.

Silk Panties Tangas Sexy Style 4-Pack

These sexy style silk panties have a delicate feel, you will feel a different kind of comfort and lightness, soft and silky, skin-friendly, and breathable. 100% mulberry silk inner layer and low waist design, while showing elegance and style without losing sexy and charming.

Light Blue Orchid Print Silk Thong Panties

Silk panties have strong antibacterial properties, can produce a subtle massage effect on the skin, absorb and help to remove sweat and secretions on the skin, and keep the private parts fresh and comfortable. Its composition and water content are particularly close to human skin. Silk underwear is a purely natural skincare protein mask, which makes the private parts healthier.

Feminine Sexy Silk Thong Panties 3-Pack

The silk thong panties are made of mulberry silk satin fabric. Soft, comfortable, and low-key satin luster, spliced lace, a little personality flowing in gentleness. The adjustable waist elastic design makes it comfortable to wear while bringing a sexy experience.

Lace Solid Silk Thong Panties 2-Pack

Silk panties are extremely hygroscopic, because the amino element in them is called fibrin, and because of their porosity, it is easy to distribute water. It can maintain a certain amount of moisture in the skin at room temperature so that the skin is not easy to dry. Especially in summer, mulberry silk can help you dissipate heat in your body and absorb sweat on the surface of your body.

G-string Silk Panties Lace See-Through Style 3-Pack 

Silk is the ultimate moisture-wicking fabric and one of the healthiest underwear choices you can make. This panty is the perfect combination of comfort and perfect fit.

Blue Butterfly Print Silk Thong Panties

Made from the finest 100% mulberry silk, these silk panties will give you all-day comfort and protection. The special design brings more glamour to you. We believe you will love and enjoy our new style.