Where to Find Affordable Silk Lingerie

For any clothing or fashion lover, lingerie is a great way to experiment with your style—it's a safe place to play with new and fun looks to see what you feel most confident and sexy in. We will dig into different factors to consider to buy some affordable silk lingerie.

Factors to consider

Once you’ve chosen a style of lingerie garment, whether it’s a full coverage bra, a lightweight sleep bralette, or a comfy nightgown, there are several important considerations that can help guide you.

Stretch: Look over your chosen pattern and determine if you require stretch, and if so, how much. If your pattern requires any stretch, it will usually give you a stretch guide or an indication of the percentage of stretch necessary. They will also tell you whether you need a one-way stretch, which usually runs crosswise from selvage to selvage, or a two-way stretch, which runs both lengthwise and crosswise. Confusingly, the term “two-way stretch” can also be used by some shops to refer to fabrics that only stretch crosswise. They will refer to fabrics that stretch in both directions as four-way stretch. Because of this, I find the term four-way stretch to be less ambiguous, but be aware of the labeling difference when shopping both in-person and online.

Weight: The next major consideration is the weight of the fabric. Lingerie is usually meant to be close to the body and often is worn beneath everyday clothing. If this is the case, consider the thickness and weight of the fabric, and whether it will add bulk to your body. For example, if you’re sewing a pair of panties, the last thing you want is the appearance of bulky seams around your tummy or waistline, so it’s best to stick with thinner fabrics that still meet your other requirements.

Look: This may be obvious, but the type of fabric you choose can completely change the look of a lingerie garment. A pair of simple panties looks quite different in coffee-colored stretch silk charmeuse with lace appliqué from the same pair made up in a floral ditsy print cotton jersey. Determine the final look and feel before you begin shopping and how it meshes with your own style and wardrobe needs.

Feel: A final major consideration is the feel of the fabric. Lingerie is often worn close to the skin, and irritating fabrics will prove themselves a much bigger nuisance when rubbing against you all day. Try testing the feel of any lingerie fabric against a sensitive area of the skin, such as your neck or cheek. Rub it lightly to check for abrasion and itchiness.


Fibers are the building blocks of your fabric. Some fibers are manmade, while those known as natural fibers are derived from plant and animal sources. We’ll go over some common preferred options for lingerie.

Spandex: Also known by the DuPont brand name Lycra, spandex is a fiber with both high stretch and high recovery. It is used in everything from high-performance activewear to dance costumes to ready-to-wear pants, dresses, blazers, and more. It is most commonly blended in small amounts with other fibers to increase stretch and recovery and can be found in both knit and woven fabrics.

Nylon: Nylon is an extremely strong, elastic fiber that has been popular in women’s lingerie for decades. It is easy to care for and wash, resists stains, and lasts a long time. It is not very absorbent, and the look can be somewhat dowdy depending on how it's used.

Cotton: Cotton is a strong fiber with a soft hand and high absorbency. It is often printed and can be found in a large array of prints in both knit and woven categories. Cotton fabrics often have a simple, casual look to them that works well for everyday lingerie garments.

Silk: A luxurious fiber made from the cocoons of insects, usually mulberry silkworms. Silk is most known for its lustrous finish, rich colors due to high dye absorption, and incredibly soft feel. Despite its delicacy, silk is a very strong fiber.

Silk is one of the most popular fabrics used in lingerie design – prized because of the beautiful way it drapes over the body, alongside its soft feel and versatility. Year-round, silk is a wonderful fabric to wear next to our most sensitive areas due to its hypoallergenic nature, sweat-wicking properties, and ability to keep cool in warm temperatures as well as vice versa.

Being a natural fiber, and requiring intensive high-cost production, silk lingerie often retails at prices above the average consumer’s budget. However, here are some options for affordable silk lingerie

1. Triangle Cup Silk Bra French Design

The silk bra not only has a good wearing effect but has the function to build distinctive and healthy skin and disease prevention and cure. The silk fabric is smooth and soft, exerting a subtle massage effect on the skin, absorbing and helping to remove sweat and secretions from the skin, keeping the skin clean.

2. Triangle Cup Silk Bralette

You deserve to enjoy the softness and style both. The bra has an elegant cut for that perfect plunge and offers better support. Made of 100% pure mulberry silk, extremely comfortable and feels like you are not wearing anything.

3. Sports Silk Bra Seamless Floral Back Style

Featured with concise design, this sexy silk bralette can be all match for any top. Made from luxuriously soft silk, the bra is highly breathable and comfortable. Softly padded cups provide the perfect amount of lift and support. It is suitable for home, parties, and vacation.

4. Multi-Color Selected Sexy Lace Silk Bralette

The inner layer of this bra vest is made from 100% mulberry silk. While the intricate soft lace adds a pretty, feminine undertone. Simple design yet sexy enough, you will never want to take it off.

5. Polka Dot Front Buckles Silk Bra And Panties

This Front Buckles bralette and panty set has a concise cut and all is made of 100% mulberry silk that feels clean and breathable. It looks sexy, which highlights your charm. The better fabric and the better design will make you feel nothing, just soft.

6. Plus Sports Wireless Front Zipper Silk Bra

This elegant bra combines function and beauty. Softly padded cups provide the perfect amount of lift and support. Fall in love with the most comfortable bra.