Who else wants to know the matching tips of a silk skirt?

Wearing silk is like a second skin. But in comparison, silk long skirts are always easy to look grand, while silk skirts are "as much as you like, and you can be frugal".

You can pair yours with glam jewelry and heels for a solid tank and sandals without breaking the bank. You can wear it to attend a grand banquet, and you can also ride a bicycle through the city full of fireworks. Especially the classic silk skirt: the mid-high waist design, the skirt length above the ankle, and the shape that outlines the figure but is not tight are the best match. Keep scrolling for 5 matching tips of a silk skirt.

Silk skirt + shirt

Shirts have long since shed their formal stereotypes, and matching shirts with silk skirts is half high-end and half fashionable.

The way to wear shirts is the most variable, and a shirt can be worn in different flavors. Silk or cotton shirts can be worn with a few buttons on the chest and a cross knot at the waist, which is romantic and lazy. If you want to cover the fat on the lower abdomen, you can also choose a shirt that is as long as the thigh.

Silk skirt + T-shirt

The most common T-shirt, when paired with a silk skirt, is also soaked in a layer of brilliance.

Half gorgeous, half everyday combination, it's hard not to fall in love with it. The more basic the style of the T-shirt, the better the match, and the more elegant the color of the skirt, the more advanced it is. If you want to create a good proportion, you can choose a high-waisted short T-shirt. If you want to look more intellectual, choose a loose T-shirt with dropped shoulder sleeves.

Silk skirt + vest

The popularity of solid-color vests also collided with silk skirts,

This group of ingenious combinations collides with a new style that is half elegant and half chic. This pairing is all about creating a sense of contrast. The old man’s vest should be made of cotton that fits well and is comfortable, while the silk skirt needs enough gorgeous luster. As for the final direction of the style, it is up to the shoes to decide.

Those who are worried about being exposed, those who are afraid of the cold, and those who want to cover their arms, put on an oversize shirt.

Silk skirt + suit

The silk skirt can be used in various occasions, and can also accompany modern women in and out of the workplace. It is half gentle and half tough, which can be called powerful armor. A classic cut suit will do, whether you wear it unbuttoned or buttoned up, it’s just a matter of preference. In summer, it is also a fashionable LOOK that can dominate the streets by changing to cool underwear with exposed skin.

Silk skirt + blouse

The weather is slightly cool in the morning and evening, and in the evening after it has just rained, a silk skirt is paired with a knitted blouse, which is half delicate and half relaxing while being warm. If you are petite, remember to increase your waistline. The blouse should not be too big or too long. It is best to be able to tuck a corner into the thickness of the skirt. If you want to cover the most annoying belly, you have to choose a cape-style blouse with a good drape, and the combination of a silk skirt that is enough to outline the figure is also exquisite and appropriate.