Why cashmere is a great choice?

Great style transcends season and occasion. And what better than luxurious cashmere to elevate the style quotient and make women look and feel not just good, but warmly comfortable too?

But first, what is cashmere?

It’s the soft, fine fiber from the undercoat of certain goats. This downy layer is protected by another layer, which is wool. While cashmere and wool are both natural fibers, cashmere is finer, softer and more durable.

The best cashmere comes from places like Mongolia where the winters are harsh, and the goats naturally grow longer, finer fibers to keep warm. These are collected in the spring when it gets warmer and the goat, no longer requiring this extra layer of warmth, sheds it.

There’s something about cashmere that adds a note of luxury to your ensemble while keeping you stylish and warm. Here are 5 reasons why cashmere is a great choice:

Good thermal effect

The first thing to bear the brunt should be cashmere's light, thin and warm properties: the fineness of cashmere fibers is about 15 microns, so the fabric texture is dense and thin with natural curls, and its warmth retention is very good. In the past, I was very curious why so many people who wore so little clothes and were not cold in the cold wind turned out to be people with secret weapons, such as cashmere sweaters for body protection. They are really not cold. It turns out that temperature and demeanor can be both.

Hygroscopicity and breathability

Cashmere also has good moisture absorption and air permeability, making it comfortable to wear next to the skin. Even in the hot summer, many people choose to wear cashmere. It is warm in winter and cool in summer!


Hollow cashmere fibers are much lighter than wool or cotton with solid fibers, without that heavy feeling. Two clothes with the same needle thickness have a difference of 30% in importance.

Soft to the touch, full of suede

The material of the cashmere sweater determines its softness, lightness, smoothness, warmth, and coolness. The cashmere sweater has undergone special shrinkage finishing in the processing process, and the hand feels soft, delicate, slippery and full of suede. Wearing it next to the body, when in contact with human skin, not only does it not feel itchy, but it can also make the human body feel "soft, soft, light, slippery, waxy, warm and refreshing".

Long Lasting

If you take good care of your cashmere knitwear, it should last you a lifetime. A classic style will stand the test of time and you’ll never get sick of that cozy feeling it provides. 

With so many fabrics to choose from, it’s easy to run into a slump about new types of garments to try. But you can’t go wrong with cashmere because it’s been popular for so many years and for good reasons. Cashmere is luxurious, comfortable, breathable, and absolutely elegant. And if anything, people can expect cashmere to be fashionable not just for any season but for any year.