Why choose silk fabric for underwear?

When it comes to women's underwear, healthy and comfortable to wear all day long is the most important. Silk is genuinely one of the greatest options. Once you try a silk underwear that is made of real pure silk, you’ll fill your underwear drawer with nothing but silk. Silk has a luxurious feel, and it’s also breathable and boasts moisture-wicking abilities—a must for anything worn right up against the skin and its silky sheen is undeniably alluring.

What is Silk?

Silk is a natural material that is created by insects. Silkworms, honey bees, bumblebees, weaver ants, and more insects create silk for their nests or cocoons. Most of our silk comes from silkworms, or bombyx mori larvae, which live on mulberry trees. Silk has an important global history, as it was often sought after and traded for. Even today, the cost of producing silk and its luxurious properties make it an expensive and desirable fabric.

What are the benefits of silk?

1. Natural

Silk fabric comes from silk, which is 100% natural protein fiber. The amino acids contained in silk are almost the same as those contained in human skin. The natural antibacterial peptides help the skin better resist external aggression, sun protection and bacteria.

2. Comfortable

Lightweight, non-restrictive clothing style makes people feel calm and relaxed. I also choose loose, soft and lightweight outfits when going to work or out on a date. Life itself is already full of busyness and exhaustion. When it comes to clothing, pay attention to your own feelings, and be soft and relaxed. Silk underwear, without any pressure or restriction, is meticulous, gentle and tolerant.

3. Health

When it comes to healthy choices for women's underwear, dryness and breathability must be the top priority. Especially underwear, keeping them dry can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, making them comfortable and healthy.

In hot and humid weather, when menstruation has just ended, or when secretions increase during ovulation, traditional cotton underwear often makes people feel damp and sticky, and makes them stuffy and itchy after sitting for a long time. Wet and sweaty cotton underwear is a petri dish for bacteria! After trying silk underwear, you will find that it is highly breathable, light and quick-drying. Studies have shown that mulberry silk can relieve skin itching, which is a savior for relieving embarrassing discomfort during the menstrual period and ovulation period.

Silk panties offer a variety of health benefits, making them a smart addition to your lingerie collection. Silk's hypoallergenic, breathable and soft nature provide comfort and prevent skin irritation. Additionally, the natural antibacterial properties of silk help maintain intimate hygiene. Embrace the luxurious feel and health benefits of silk lingerie, especially during the summer months when staying cool and fresh is essential. Really express your wishes when choosing underwear, be brave enough to try different things, and pursue comfort and health. There is no need to pursue fancy styles and materials when choosing underwear. Use pure natural fabrics to enjoy the natural and healthy beauty.