Why silk is the right fabric for kids clothing?

In the clothing market, there is a new textile product whose appearance is comparable to that of real silk—polyester imitation silk. It is soft to the touch, bright in color, very suitable for fashion (shirts, dresses..), and the polyester filament has higher elasticity and strength than silk. Therefore, the fastness, wrinkle resistance, and washability of the finished clothes are better than those of silk fabrics, and the price is also cheaper. After exaggerating so many benefits of imitation silk, why can't it be used as a baby's clothing fabric?

We all know that babies' skin is delicate and less sensitive than adults'. Although polyester fiber can be similar to silk in texture, its moisture absorption and breathability are far less than natural silk components! Only when the clothing material has good hygroscopicity, can the sweat emitted from the body be dissipated outward through the moisture absorption of the fiber. The moisture absorption rate of silk fiber can be as high as 30%. The sweat on the surface of the human body can easily leak out of the body, thereby bringing a cool, smooth and comfortable feeling to the wearer.

It is difficult for babies to express their body changes in words when they are hyperactive, so it is correct to choose fabrics that are suitable for babies!

At Realsilk life, we are dedicated to using organic, natural, non-toxic materials, and have been certified by OEKO-Tex Standard 100. We can not only provide you with high-quality silk products but also provide you with a preferential price. Because our products are factory-directed and the cost is lower, choosing us will allow you to enjoy a shopping experience with high quality and low price. We only choose the long fiber ones so that the silk will be durable and strong. Our baby silk collection includes pure-color padded jackets, tops, nightgowns and baby onesies. There’s a chic option for your reference.

1. Baby Silk Padded Jacket

The baby silk padded jacket adopts an environmentally friendly dyeing method to care for the baby's delicate skin. A variety of colors leave a unique color for your baby's childhood.

2. 100 Baby Silk Tank Round Neck

100% 6A-grade baby mulberry silk tank, printed and dyed with environmental protection, to give babies the best comfortable experience. Snap buttons on the shoulders for easy on and off. Sleeveless. Give your baby more space to move around.

3.100 Silk Nightgown For Girls Silk Dress

The 100% girl's silk dress is selected from high-quality mulberry silk, which is exquisite and stylish, giving babies a soft, waxy and silky enjoyment. Girl's silk nightgown, care for babies to sleep peacefully.

4. Sleeveless Silk Baby Onesies

The sleeveless mulberry silk onesies have wide openings at the cuffs and feet, making it more comfortable for babies to wear. Passed OEKO-TEX certification, gives your baby peace of mind.

5. Lace-up Baby Silk Onesies

The V-neck silk onesies have a hemmed neckline that fits the baby's skin. Classic lace-up design with double-layer protection for the stomach and automatic adjustment. Button closure at the crotch for easy on and off.

6.100 Silk Baby Onesies Long Sleeve

The silk onesies adopt environmentally friendly reactive printing and dyeing, which is soft to the touch, protects the baby's delicate skin, and gives the baby a safe, healthy and comfortable experience. The crotch-opening button is easy to put on and take off, and the non-opening one-piece fits the skin, keeping it warm and comfortable.