Your guide to summer travel must-have

It’s no secret that our quality of sleep declines when we travel, and while we may not be able to rewire our brains to combat the “first-night effect” (let alone sleep well in an airplane’s ever-diminishing coach seat), there are a few products whose sole purpose is to help us get comfortable and good sleep when we’re away from home. Today, I'm going to share my thoughts on great travel-friendly products to help you sleep better while you're on the go.

1. silk pajamas

It’s not always easy to get proper sleep while traveling. If you’re struggling to get your beauty rest, consider bringing silk pajamas along on your travels. Silk pajamas are a highly luxurious fabric that can protect the skin from signs of aging as well as prevent irritation. This is because of the reduction in friction that is provided. wearing silk pajamas to bed frequently in order to maintain your body temperature, reduce the risk of skin irritation, avoid inflammation, and fall asleep faster in general. Unlike materials like cotton and polyester, silk pajamas have numerous benefits to the skin that can contribute to a great night’s sleep.

2. Silk robe

A silk robe is another essential when traveling. It makes a noticeable difference in my overall sleep quality when I’m in a new environment!

A silk robe is truly a special feeling that will make you feel oh-so relaxed at every moment of the day. A silk robe is well-known for its soft, lavish feel. It also revitalizes your skin throughout the day, leaving you feeling light and refreshed. In addition, Silk nightwear is breathable and soft to the touch. These are the main benefits of silk fabric.

As the natural proteins in silk moisturize the skin and make it feel toned and refreshed. Sleeping in silk pajamas has many benefits. Silk nightwear is gentle on the skin and promotes stress-free rest.

3. Silk pillowcase

Who says you can’t bring beauty sleep on the go? Upgrade your travel by packing a pillowcase with you! Whether you’re traveling on a long flight or an extended stay in a hotel, silk pillowcases make the perfect travel essential.

Silk pillowcases can keep you cool and dry all night long, prevent unruly cases of bedhead, and help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If those advantages don't sway you, perhaps the fact that they're also less prone to collecting dust mites and bacteria will inspire you to make the switch.

4. Silk sheet

There are many benefits to using a set of silk sheets. With silk sheets, you may experience more comfortable sleep and stay cooler.  Silk sheets are the best solution for night sweats as silk is very breathable and you won’t overheat. Pure silk sheets keep your skin dry because the hygroscopic silk fiber absorbs one-third of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. Your silk sheets also dry fast.

These travel essentials will bring you ultimate comfort on your next destination, let us know in the comments what essentials you bring with you on your vacation!