Are Realsilklife pillowcases silk on both sides?

Sleeping on silk is said to reduce irritation, wrinkles, and hair frizz — and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to make the switch. When you’re shopping for a silk pillowcase on Realsilklife, are you curious about whether the pillowcase is both sides? We have roundups on the purple both side pillowcase below.

1. 19 Momme Both Sides In Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

The structure of silk is close to human skin, so its friction coefficient is close to zero. It is porous and breathable fiber and can be used in all seasons. The threads are tight and even. The hidden zipper is easy to be pulled smoothly, which makes the appearance more three-dimensional. We strictly control every step from raw materials to final products to offer you high-quality pillowcases.

2. 25 Momme Both Sides In Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Pillowcases are one of the most overlooked items for beauty. Many delicate girls use expensive skincare products while sleeping on cheap pillowcases which may rub their facial skin and cause wrinkles. The worst thing is, those coarse pillowcases will absorb your expensive skincare products. People spend a third of their lives sleeping. Squeezing and rubbing the skin on pillowcases for years is a part of the reasons for wrinkles. Therefore, silk pillowcases with low friction and low absorption can not only bring you sweet sleep but relieve wrinkles, moisturize skin, nourish, and protect hair. Having it means the best sleep experience possible.

3. 22 Momme Both Sides In Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Sleep on the silk pillowcase, to be a beauty day by day. Protein silk moisturizes your skin, which makes you bid farewell to autumn and winter’s dryness, keeps your skin hydrated, and is delicate all the time. It can reduce the friction on the skin to delay the formation of wrinkles. Use it, to witness the feeling of frozen youth. Lying on a silk pillowcase is the key to beauty. Wake up with no indentation on your face, fresh and fluffy hair, you always look gorgeous. The touch of silk is smooth and soft, like the cloud, making you infatuated. It seems that only sleep time belongs to modern people. For precious moments, treat yourself with silk and fall into a deep sleep.