How can silk make a difference to your night’s sleep?

We love sleep so much that Sleep Awareness Week (6th - 13th March) just isn’t long enough for us, so we’re dedicating a full month to it. Have you ever wondered how silk can help you get a better night’s sleep? We will discuss the health benefits of our range of silk products in this article. Whether it’s bedding, cushions, or nightwear, there are multiple reasons to invest in silk.

Silk to stay cool 

We have all experienced the torture of endless tossing and turning on hot, balmy nights. One of the main benefits of sleeping in silk pyjamas is that the material is known to help regulate your body temperature. Scientists say the sweet spot is sleeping in a room between 15.6 and 20°C and that aiming for a temperature on the cooler side will help you have a better night’s rest. Cotton will hold in heat whereas silk’s natural properties and double-stranded fibres will both insulate and allow for breathability. Silk is the ultimate solution for sweaty sleepers or those suffering from hot flashes.

Soft on skin

Another huge benefit of silk pyjamas is that the material doesn’t absorb moisture. So for those with sensitive skin and conditions like eczema, you will reduce the possibility of your skin getting dried out overnight as it allows creams and lotions to fully absorb into the skin. Silk is also far less coarse than cotton, producing less friction so you won’t be kept up by aggravated and itchy skin.

Soothes allergy symptoms 

People often don’t consider hygiene to be a factor when choosing the material of their pyjamas. When you sleep in silk pyjamas, you’ll reap the benefits of its hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties as unlike cotton, the material prevents the growth of millions of bacteria and germs. Targeting a huge asthmatic trigger, silk’s tightly woven, natural fibres prevent dust mites from breeding and exerting airborne excretions while you sleep. The structure of the material also prevents irritating allergy symptoms like coughing, sneezing, a runny nose, watery eyes and breathing issues so you can get back to a solid night’s rest.

Support for joint disorders

For centuries, the Chinese have long been enjoying the benefits of silk pyjamas as a solution to painful aches and pains. Silk will lay delicately on the body, and therefore put less pressure on sensitive pressure points. Its lightweight, breathable nature means you can drift off into a pain-free and peaceful slumber night after night. 

Silk pajamas can significantly improve allergy symptoms due to the hypoallergenic qualities of the material. The structure of the material means that it’s harder for dust mites to breed and for allergens to irritate. They will help to achieve a better night’s sleep.