How common is it for guys to wear silk underwear ?

It’s not uncommon for a guy to get his silk boxers in a bunch. Silk is a natural fabric prized for its luxurious texture but the comfort benefits go way beyond that. Silk is naturally temperature regulating, meaning it disperses excess heat when you’re warm and insulates body heat when you’re cold, keeping you “cool in the summer” and “warm in the winter.”
There is a huge category of silk underwear for men, and once you slip a pair on, you may not look at your usual underwear the same ever again. Like the Luxury Printed Silk Boxer For Men. It is made of 100% mulberry silk fabric, healthy and skin-friendly, can be used as beach pants, home pants, or underwear, with a fashionable design to improve the quality of life. Real Silk life also makes the Silk Briefs For Men Elastic Style –a classic brief that comes in a variety of colors and with the supernatural comfort benefits of silk. If you’re more of a trunks guy, the Silk High-Quality Boxers is a slim-fitting trunk and the magic comfort of silk. Trust us when we say, once you try silk, you’ll be stuck.