How does it feel to wear silk panties?

We did some research and summarized the characteristics of silk and people’s answers as follows:
As a natural fiber, silk allows your skin to breathe, By allowing air to circulate, wicking moisture away from the skin and letting it evaporate, and being naturally hypoallergenic and anti-fungal. Whatever the season, silk is a wonderful fabric for adapting to your temperature. When there’s a winter chill in the air, it provides excellent insulation, allowing for warm air to be kept close to your skin, while still having the breathability to avoid uncomfortable overheating. In the height of summer, when you just want to keep cool and fresh, silk is your best friend. As well as all of the benefits of breathability already mentioned, the natural temperature regulating properties and heat dispersal makes it the ideal layer to have closest to your body. A silk panty under your outfit avoids that uncomfortable, sticky feeling that comes from many synthetic materials.
Skin sensitivity
If you have sensitive skin, silk can help you avoid the itchy redness and skin irritation that comes with some synthetic fibers. Some people who suffer from eczema have also reported their symptoms easing when wearing silk, with the addition of the gentle support of our unwired silk bralettes to avoid the tightness of conventional bra shapes.