How does silk comforter keep warm or cool?

Too hot to sleep in the summer? Too cold to sleep in winter? I believe all of us have been in such a dilemma. In order to sleep well, the temperature of your room and comforter is very important.

Research says that the most ideal sleeping environment commands 33±1℃ in temperature and 50±5%(RH)in in humidity. So the judgment standard for a good comforter is to see if it can maintain a very stable temperature and will do a fine job of balancing humidity. Silk comforter has a good function of absorbing and liberating moisture, so it can make your sleeping environment stay at a more constant temperature than most comforters in other fabric.

Advantage Of Silk Comforter

1. Absorb the moisture quickly to adjust the temperature

It is said that we may sweat almost 200cc when sleeping. So, the breathability of a comforter is very important for a comfortable sleeping environment. silk fibroin peptide chain consists of lots of hydrophile groups, so the hygroscopicity of silk is 1.5 times better than that of cotton fiber. Silk can absorb and emit human body sweat quickly and liberate the moisture more quickly than other fibers. This explains why silk comforter help keeps the human body temperature at a more constant temperature throughout the night.

2. Save the warm air to adjust the temperature

What is more, silk comforters are designed to allow air to flow more freely and thus regulate your body heat. The result is your body stays cool in summer and warm in winter.

Although silk comforter is a little expensive, it has so many benefits such as regulating temperature and breathability. So buy yourself a silk comforter to have a restful sleep.