How often should I wash my silk sheets?

Your silk bedding may look clean, but is it? More often than not, bedding can quickly become coated with human skin, hair, bodily secretions, pet hair, allergens… We could go on.

We dove into the research to figure out how often people truly should wash their silk bedding and here is what we discovered.

Silk sheets can be cleaned every two weeks. Sheets made of silk are more effective at repelling moisture than cotton, but that doesn’t buy them much extra time—wash these sheets every two weeks.

To clean silk sheets, depend on the care instructions, hand-wash them by kneading them by hand for three to five minutes in a large bucket comprising cold water mixed with silk-friendly detergent, then lightly wring them out and air-dry them, preferably on a sunny day to speed up drying time. If the silk sheets are machine-washable and dryable, run them through a gentle wash cycle with cold water, then machine-dry them on low heat.

Take care in handling as silk sheets are more susceptible to wear and tear.