How to dry silk pillowcase

If there is excess water still in the fabric, place the silk pillowcase on a clean, dry towel and blot out the excess moisture. Do not wring out the pillowcase, as this will damage the fiber.

Lay a silk pillowcase flat to air dry, preferably on a drying rack away from direct heat sources and sunlight. Laying it flat to dry will help the pillowcase retain its natural shape, and keeping it out of direct heat or sunlight helps prevent discoloration and fading.

If the pillowcase’s fabric wrinkles after it’s finished drying, gently steam the piece to remove wrinkles and bring back the luster of the material. You can also iron a silk pillowcase by turning the pillowcase inside out. Use the lowest temperature setting and place a pressing cloth or a clean piece of fabric between the iron and the silk.