How to keep silk scrunchie in hair overnight

Is it usual for you to drop your silk scrunchie and discover hair mess up all over the bed when you wake up? Then you must find a way to tie your hair properly while sleeping to keep silk scrunchie in your hair overnight.

We are going to give you tips on how to tie hair while sleeping at night.

1. Remove your hair extensions

We all admire those hair extensions. They make your hair so beautiful and shiny but sleeping with it can have dire consequences.

They can cause tingling and pulling to the extensions as well as damage your natural hair due to the friction that would exist between the hair extensions and your pillow while you are asleep.  

2. Dry hair before you sleep

We usually wash our hair before going to bed to sleep, but what most of us don't know is that our hair is very vulnerable to breakage and damage when it is wet. Drying your hair with a hand dryer would go a long way to protecting it. It can be a quick blow dry. Nothing too drastic.

3. Brush hair

Brushing the hair would make it easier for you to wrap it or tie it before going to bed. Brush it gently for a few minutes.

4. Moisturize the hair

Take a little amount of moisturizing oil and apply it to the bottom part of the hair. For best results, do not use water-based moisturizer if you have straight hair though because it would make them curly but if you have curly hair, then you are good to go. Then after this, you can then brush the hair from the side. Brush one hand and bring it to the other side.