How to make silk french knickers

  • Prewash your silk fabric
  • Transfer your pattern markings to your fabric or pin your pattern to your fabric
  • Cut your silk in a manner that reduces fabric slippage such as using a rotary cutter and self-healing cutting mat
  • Prepare your machine with a fine, sharp needle and cotton or polyester thread. Use a scrap to make sure the tension and thread length and width are the correct setting for your garment.
  • Press your silk fabric with a sheer pressing cloth and on the silk setting of your iron
  • Match fabric pieces together with silk pins, ultra-fine glass head pins or mini binder clips. 
  • Trim away any fraying fabric and stabilize the edges
  • Begin sewing at a slow and steady pace while pausing often to make sure the fabric is not bunching or getting caught. 

Just going through that quick list on how to sew silk french knickers Pls be more care and precision is needed to sew this luxurious fabric.