How to make silk underwear

Sewing your own underwear isn’t necessarily the most glamorous crafting pursuit, but it can be magical and rewarding in many ways. I was not a believer, but there is truly something magical about wearing your own handmade underwear — it’s like a special hug from you to you!

Sewing silk underwear: Where to Begin

Even for experienced sewists, the process of designing silk underwear can seem intimidating. With so many different intimate styles, it's easy to be overwhelmed! Sewing silk underwear does provide certain challenges, such as working with trickier fabrics, but the process of designing gorgeous pieces made to custom-fit your body is extremely rewarding. 
Before diving into sewing, consider the style of silk underwear you'll be designing, as well as how this piece of clothing functions.
The same mode of thinking applies to creating silk underwear. For example, boy shorts are excellent for providing full coverage and are great for wearing underneath skirts, while thong silk underwear helps reduce panty lines and is ideal for when wearing tight-fitting clothing.
When sewing, keep in mind how you want your silk underwear to function, and if it's designed for special occasions or everyday wear. Once you've chosen the type of garment you want to design, it's on to fabric shopping!

Tips for How to Sew silk underwear

Silk underwear may be slightly more simple, but that doesn't mean there aren't tips and tricks to help you! This list of ideas for sewing silk underwear is perfect for those new to sewing and silk underwear design.
1. While ribbon or lace are typical trims, don't forget about other fun details like lace applique, machine scallops, or reversed charmeuse.
2. Oversized elastic trim works well for silk underwear that provides more coverage, like boyshorts.
3.If you're having difficulty finding a silk underwear pattern that fits your taste, uses one of your favorite pairs and pattern draft your own. That way, you know you'll be satisfied with the style and fit. 
4. If you're sewing with lace, an overcasting foot for your sewing machine works well. If you don't own an overcasting foot, a zigzag stitch works as well.